OnePgr launches E-Learning Solution for Educators: Online classes with Lesson Plans and Video Conferencing lectures


With statewide school closures, educational institutions and learning centers like Kumon and Aloha Mind Math are researching how to best deliver high-quality distance learning programs for their students. This starts with the ability for faculty and educators to quickly replicate their entire hierarchy of existing classes and courseware for delivery through an online format. Uniquely suited to meet this challenge, the OnePgr E-Learning solution couples static content (e.g. lesson plans, handouts) with a real-time communication and collaboration platform. It is designed to simplify the workflow for teachers so they can easily set up content and deliver lectures via video conferencing.

At the crux of making distance-learning opportunities happen, is the teacher. They need the convenience and capability of quick course spin up. This includes matching students with teachers, sessions with teachers, delivering homework assignments, in-session lectures, and fostering guidance and feedback when necessary.

“OnePgr ELearning has allowed us to continue to deliver lessons as we all go through an unprecedented time,” observed Vikas Shyam of Aloha Mind Math, Allen, TX. “In addition to its no-download, secure, browser-based video lectures, it allowed us to set up a page for each class where students do not have to worry about tracking down Join URL’s. Page bookmarks allow us to embed tools to assess students’ understanding and aid in learning,” said Mr. Shyam.

“Unlike traditional collaboration products,” said Rajiv Saxena, CEO of OnePgr, Inc. Mr. Saxena added “OnePgr is uniquely designed to empower educators today so they can quickly organize and deliver online classes to reflect the entire course hierarchy. Each classroom can be set up as a secure, persistent Class Page with synchronous (live chat, HD video lectures) and asynchronous (documents, notes, bookmarks) communication features. This allows us to support all student/teacher activities that happen before, during and after any live class,” said Mr. Saxena.

Rupali Malhotra, Owner of Gurus Education East Bay was quick to set up online classes providing continuity of education to her learning center students and observed “OnePgr E-Learning solution has enabled us to seamlessly roll out an online experience with Video Lectures and Class Pages for our teaching staff and students. It is very easy to use and understand even for elementary school kids. OnePgr allows us to host lesson plans, documents, video lectures, and recordings for our classes so students have access to all relevant information on their fingertips at all times — you can truly find everything on ‘One Page’ as the name OnePgr suggests.”

Bridging the gap between your courseware, the online meeting, and all the pre and post meeting activities in between, OnePgr E-Learning simplifies the user experience for everyone implementing distance learning programs. Standard pricing starts at $14.99/Teacher/Month but, given the unprecedented times, service will be offered for at-cost pricing to K-12 schools and other institutions who might benefit from it.

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