Online Crime Fiction Writing Course by Candice Mallory Lloyd


While the keepers of statistics in these precarious days are generally in agreement that the pandemic has been effective in reducing crime, especially organized crime, for fictionalized crime it seems the results are just the opposite because crime fiction sales are booming. According to a U.K. Guardian news article in June 2020, crime fiction sales went up as much as 15% over the past year.

Seeing this statistic as an indication of a growing market, the seasoned and respected crime fiction author Teddy Hayes has decided to embrace the trend by creating an online crime fiction writing course. The course will begin this month on the platform and will instruct and encourage would be writers in the craft of developing their own novels.

He will discuss the basics, including plot and character development, use of dialogue, red herrings and most importantly how to hook the reader into the crime investigation.

Hayes has written and published 11 crime fiction novels, the most well-known being his Devil Barnett series, has had two crime fiction plays on stage and even had one of his books turned into a feature film. He believes that his 30 plus years as an author puts him in a good position to help others wanting to learn the craft. As one of the judges on the panel of the U.K. Crime Writers Association’s prestigious “Dagger Award”, Hayes says reading so many new writers inspired him to want to help develop a new generation of crime writers.

Hayes says “The great thing about crime writing is you can start at any age and develop from there. If anyone had told me I would have become and stayed so involved in the world of crime fiction thirty years ago when I started writing my first novel, I would have been doubtful. Now I am really chuffed that I am still so deeply active in the genre and have a chance to work creatively with new writers. That is why part of the course offers the participant a One to One Zoom meeting with me to discuss their work.”

So, if you are a writer with a crime fiction story to tell, Teddy Hayes’ Crime Fiction Writing Course may just have a place with your name on it:

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