Online Education Platform CLASS101 Announces Top Classes of 2021

Online education platform CLASS101 shares 2021’s top classes in an awards event


● 30 courses were selected from 4 categories: Digital Arts, Fine Arts, Lifestyle and Crafts

● CLASS101 has 3 million registered users and operates globally with offices in the U.S., South Korea and Japan

Online education platform CLASS101 shared today the top 30 classes of 2021. For the awards event titled “101 Awards,” top five courses were drawn from each category. The four main categories were Digital Arts, Fine Arts, Lifestyle and Crafts. The Digital Arts category, CLASS101’s most popular, was further divided into three subcategories: Comics, Illustrations and Growing Your Art Business.

The winners of each category are listed below:

  • Digital Arts (Illustration): Portfolio-Ready Character Design by Arucelli (@arucelli)
  • Digital Arts (Comic): From Daydream to Masterpiece: Anime-Inspired Illustrations by Kamo (@kamochiruu)
  • Digital Arts (Business): Adorable Illustrations and Growing Your Audience on Instagram by Chii (@cremechii)
  • Fine Arts: Ultimate Oil Painting Guide for Beginners & Intermediates by Jill Soukup (@jillsoukup)
  • Lifestyle: Dance with Best K-Pop Choreographers by 1MILLION’s Lia Kim (@1milliondance)
  • Crafts: Dressmaking and Fashion Design by Michelle Hébert (@michellehebertofficial)
  • Most Reviewed: Ink and Watercolor Illustrations by Bryce Kho (@brycekhodraws)

The runners-up included Marvel concept art and digital illustration class by InHyuk Lee, home fitness class by Megan Bowen, and lifestyle class for a young family by Joy Fitzgerald.

Wrapping up 2021 with the 101 Awards, CLASS101 plans to offer a wider range of classes next year. With a goal to become a go-to learning community for digital art enthusiasts, the platform will diversify its digital arts category with courses in computer animation and motion graphics. On Dec. 24, CLASS101 launched an Early Bird course on digital animation with Marvin Te, Creative Director at Plainly Simple Studios.

The platform also plans to expand its categories and introduce more classes in music, photography and technology. As CLASS101 is headquartered in South Korea, home of the global K-pop phenomenon, the platform already offers music production classes by Gray, Groovyroom and KASS, who’ve created countless hits for K-pop artists BTS, Twice, ITZY, Jay Park and more.

Equipped with the success formula of the headquarters, the U.S. counterpart plans to offer twice as many classes in 2022 according to Grit Han, Head of Global Business at CLASS101.

“In 2022, we plan to achieve exponential growth and become a major contender in the global online education market,” Han said.

About CLASS101:

At CLASS101, our mission is to help creators live the life they love. As the largest online education platform in South Korea that operates worldwide, CLASS101 helps its 3 million users enjoy on-demand video courses. The platform has over 2,000 classes, and teachers make $4,000 on average in the first month alone. In September, CLASS101 raised $25.8 million in the Series B funding round.

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