“Our bodies are meant to move,” says bestselling author Carmelle Jean-Francois


New book digs deep into the secrets and stories of 16 women of color forging leadership paths  


When Carmelle Jean-Francois was growing up in Queens, her parents didn’t have the luxury of “making time” for exercise. “Both my immigrant parents worked to pay a mortgage and put three children through private school,” she says. “They were focused on raising a family with good values. And being Black in the seventies—our parents were just naturally more focused on raising and protecting us as Black children in America than going out to exercise and stay fit. That was never a concern for them. And even if it was, it was a luxury they simply couldn’t afford.”

And for her parents’ generation, growing up in Haiti, daily life was just naturally more active. “We lose that here in America,” she says. “We have more access to public transportation, buses, and cars. There was more opportunity for them to get in daily exercise– to move their bodies..” As the founder and CEO of cFIT Coaching, which offers personal training, group coaching, and other fitness programs, Carmelle is on a mission to share her passion for fitness with all families and individuals. “Our bodies are meant to move, they are not meant to sit there,” she says. “So just move. Find what you like, because that’s what’s going to get you back to doing it again.” It could be playing with your grandchildren, walking outside, dancing, even taking steps in place while you watch your favorite TV series.

Though she grew up a tomboy who loved sports, it took a dramatic car accident to really shift Carmelle’s thinking about nutrition and fitness. Recuperating in the hospital having broken many bones, Carmelle was told, “Listen, don’t try to skimp out on your calories. Your body needs the calories to heal.” That helped her see food as medicine and appreciate her body for its strength and resilience. “I realized that the body is designed to heal itself, given the proper nutrition and movement,” she says. “The two go hand in hand. And it was that revelation that truly sparked an interest in fitness and propelled me to continue to challenge myself.”

When she launched cFIT Coaching she had no choice but to do it virtually because of COVID. “I was used to working with clients in person where I could physically illustrate an exercise. But now, like so many other professions that thrive on that person-to-person, human connection, I had to get my mind around dealing with clients virtually.” 

Carmelle shares more about how she handled the shift in the inspiring new book International Women of Color Who Boss Up, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs of color is a rich resource for women already embracing their strengths and capabilities as well as those looking for models and mentors to help guide their journeys to greatness.

Find out how to connect with Carmelle at https://bossupbestseller.com/CarmelleJeanFracois, where you can also find a link to International Women of Color Who Boss Up. And don’t miss Carmelle and many of the other incredibly dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit! Details and registration are at www.womenbossupsummit.com

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