Owning A Mobile App Is No Longer Expensive Thanks To Applie AG

Applie AG, a leader in their field, has introduced a mobile app development service that makes owning a mobile app affordable for all types of businesses.

One of the biggest names in the mobile app development industry for the business and gaming sector has introduced a service that makes it more affordable for all types of businesses to have their own mobile app. Applie AG wants to make owning a mobile app more accessible so that everyone, no matter what type of business they have, can achieve the benefits that a mobile app brings.

It was reported that only 42% of small business owners in the USA have a mobile app.  Business experts believe this figure is much lower in other countries. One of the main reasons why so few business owners have their own app is down to cost. A lot of small business owners believe that having a mobile app developed is expensive, thanks to Applie AG that is no longer the case.

The digital agency that has clients all over the world including Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, and Australia have already helped hundreds of business owners to have their own mobile app. This has helped those clients to have a higher profile online and to maximize sales and increase their loyal customer base.

The way people shop and buy services has changed over the past ten years. According to official figures, more people are now shopping online rather than visiting shops. That means those people who do not sell online and don’t have an app for their business are losing sales and revenue.

With more than 4.48 billion having access to the Internet, and with more than 62.9 percent of the population worldwide having access to a mobile phone or device, having a mobile app has never been so important.

When asked how important a mobile app is to a business owner, a spokesman from Applie AG replied: “We develop mobile apps that allow our clients to engage with their customers to increase their profile and sales. A mobile app can provide an instant connection with their customers.”

A mobile app provides a business with customer loyalty, it allows a business to directly communicate with their customers. If a business decides to have a special offer, the quickest way to promote that offer is through their app. It provides a quicker way of promotion than other types of advertising, which includes radio advertising and other forms of online advertising.

The seven main reasons for owning an app for business are:

● Customers’ loyalty

● A viable marketing tool

● Increases sales

● Excellent customer service

● Creating brand awareness

● Increases accessibility to customers

● Source of data and information

To learn more about how affordable a mobile app is, and how Applie AG can help a business grow online, please visit https://www.applie.li.

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