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Money-rich but time-poor? Imagine being rich enough to hire someone to deal with your every need. Whether that be arranging a big event, or travelling in luxury around the world, or even having an elephant delivered to your party. Well, that is what Parc Orion Management LLC offer.

Parc Orion Management LLC work with high-profile clients, providing them with a luxury and renowned concierge service that caters for their every whim. Clients enjoy the freedom of getting everything they like, no matter if to the outside world it looks impossible.

Have you ever wondered how some people get tickets to major sporting events that have been sold out for months, or get the best tables in the restaurant or have a world-famous pop group perform at their party? Well, wonder no more. These people use a luxury concierge service to provide them with everything they want or need. One of the best in their field is Parc Orion Management LLC

Since being launched, Parc Orion Management LLC has gained a reputation for providing clients with the best Global Concierge service money can buy. They have a team that can provide a round-the-clock service, arranging everything their clients need no matter what time of day or night it is.

We wanted to learn more about the services and the type of people who use the service, so we sat down with Yvette Morris from Parc Orion Management LLC to learn more.


  1. First, please can you introduce yourself.


Answer: When it comes to ultra-luxe experiences, I am your girl.

My name is Yvette Morris and when you are looking for that special something in life–that one-of-a-kind experience–you have come to the right person.

My company Parc Orion Management provides services including private jets, luxurious vacations, world class restaurants with five-star chefs cooking up cuisine from all over the globe; we will even arrange meals tailored specifically for vegans or those on gluten free diets!

We are committed to providing you an unforgettable experience from start to finish by offering high quality service tailored specifically for your needs on any date of year without fail.


  1. You run a luxury lifestyle management company located in Florida called Parc Orion Management, LLC, how did the business begin?


Answer: In 2017, Lannetta and I were vacationing in Zanzibar. We were there for the annual “Jazz” festival., which literally sits on the Indian Ocean! While having dinner at The Rock – a restaurant that offers an amazing view of both land and sea – my business partner said to me: what if we could provide this experience? Imagine being able to sip Dom Perignon any day of week while gazing into the deep blue depths below…I replied with one word: yes!!!!

As they say, the rest is history. Soon Parc Orion would be available all day long!

By the way, the “Rock” is an exceptional restaurant for anyone traveling to Zanzibar!


  1. So, what services do you offer?

Answer: Luxury is not something that can be measured in just dollars and cents. It is about the experience, it is about feeling special, as if you are a king or queen for an evening. At Parc Orion we create those experiences every day by offering personalized service to our clients who are looking for anything from a private shopping experience at one of NYC’s finest retailers to an intimate dinner party with world-renowned celebrities—we are here for you on demand 24/7. With flawless service from start to finish, we are committed professionals that only want what is perfect just for YOU.


You crave perfection? Look no further than us!


  1. What research did you do to find out what people wanted?

Answer: It is not always a glamorous or easy job to be an evaluator. For this task, we had the opportunity of answering some specific questions about how wealthy individuals traveled and what they consider luxury.

We created our questionnaire targeting those with more money than time who are willing to spend it on experience over material items like clothing or jewelry (or at least put them lower in priority).

Our small sample group consisted mostly of people that we knew because these were all high-income earners so there was familiarity between their answers as well as ours which made for far better insights into understanding this niche market segment’s thoughts on spending habits.




  1. Who would you say is your typical client base?

Answer: We have a wide variety of services, catering to the needs and goals of every client.

From the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) to those with a bit less wealth, we provide our clients anything they need to live their best lives.


  1. Your services remind me a little of the Ritz Hotel, where they can arrange nearly anything for their clients, from sold out tickets to hiring the best chefs to cook for them in their accommodation. Did you look at services some of the top hotels around the world offer when you thought about launching your business?


Answer: We founded Parc Orion after wondering what it would be like to have the freedom that comes with travel. We wanted our company’s name and logo to reflect this, so we picked a word (Parc) from one of France’s most popular tourist destinations and combined it with an ancient symbol for lightening in English (Orion).

We wanted to create a place that would have the same awe-inspiring experience as our travels.


  1. You say you can provide customers with everything they could possibly want, so, if a client were struggling to find a hotel to watch the football world cup, and could not get a ticket to the matches of his choice, is this something you could offer?


Answer: Yes–we feel confident we could take on the challenge within reason with our global partner network; some events might only have a limited number of seats however they will usually come out close enough to an event’s official release/date so interested parties know what their options are. For example, we offer tickets for “fashion” week where designers can come together in one place; these tickets typically sell out within seconds of being released onto the market!

  1. Have you ever had a client come to you with a request that you thought would be impossible to achieve, but you managed to do it anyway?

Answer: We love making last-minute saves! Recently, a client reached out to us on behalf of her friend. Her girl friend had an event coming up and the chef cancelled less than 24 hours before with no other options in sight. They were using strictly “Thai” cuisine for their menu so we contacted one of our chefs who was trained in cooking Thai dishes since he used to own his very own restaurant that specialized only in this type of food where 100 guests would frequent daily during lunch time periods when it first opened its doors back then. He gladly helped them out by being able to serve at least two courses which included appetizers such as fish cakes, fried tofu or chicken satays served over peanut sauce; main course like Ginger braised short ribs, Japanese sweet potatoes served with steamed rice or Thai Red Curry Chicken served with brown rice.

He was able to save this client’s friend from having a huge disaster before it even happened…


  1. Your bespoke concierge service is gaining a huge amount of attention, and you are quickly become one of the best known in your field, so what is your secret?


Answer: Our company provides the best service possible, with a focus on its clients. We will always treat every client with respect and dignity; after all, without them we would not be here today.


  1. If a celebrity wanted to enter a country without being seen by the paparazzi who are based at nearly every major airport in the world, and wanted to have a holiday without any intrusion, is this something you could offer?


Answer: Parc Orion uses our riveting relationships with the airport to move you swiftly and discretely through the terminal. With a security escort, we put your safety first before anything else as well as provide private flights or ground transportation services for that personal touch.

We can also provide security personnel (either via our elite team) or through booking private flights and arranging ground transportation services.


  1. You not only deal with individuals, but you also have corporate clients, how do the requirements differ?


Answer: You want to be a part of Parc Orion? Just bear in mind that membership is dependent on your compatibility with our club’s culture. It does not just happen if you can pay for it, we are not interested in status-seeking customers who are willing to buy their way into this exclusive scene.

We cater specifically towards people who like the finer things and do not have time or knowledge about what they should do next. Our priority here at Parc Orion is not showing off how much money you make; rather, helping members find new adventures more easily than before.


  1. How much notice do you require if a client wanted you to arrange their travel, which includes top hotels, restaurants, and places to visit?

Answer: Our process typically begins with a phone consultation where we gather the client’s timeframe of when, why, and how they want their event to go.

Once that is clear then it will be easier for us to provide them an accurate proposal usually in 24-72 hours or less.


  1. What would you say is your most popular service?

Answer: Our most popular services are event planning and luxury vacations. With the summer heat bearing down on us, everyone has been cooped up inside for 18 months now due to “Covid” – it is time to get out of that house and we have seen a significant rise in travel!

Another one is transportation with or without private jets. Private Jets used to be only available for a certain group but nowadays they are more affordable so anyone can ride along in style.


  1. How has the Covid pandemic affected your business?

Answer: I think “Covid” affected everyone to some degree. Especially the hospitality industries, who had a difficult time adjusting to life without tourists and travelers, for fear of contracting Covid.

We have since recovered from those rough times thanks largely in part due to our maintaining a positive outlook while following the CDC guidelines on how best to protect against the infection, while protect our clients and staff. Safety first!


  1. You offer your services all over the world, and have plenty of connections to provide your clients with everything they need, but the question is, do you get a chance to experience the luxury you offer your clients?

Answer: (laughing) We are more than just experienced travelers; we are connoisseurs. We have explored the globe, and with one being a cruise enthusiast while the other has an affinity for performances in American music’s biggest night of televised events.

Although not as frequent as before, even now it is important to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy some much-needed relaxation and fun from all that life throws at us daily.

In 2022 my husband will be taking me on a trip across Alaska aboard his favorite mode of transportation – sea-faring cruise ships! Also, later this year, Lannetta shall don her glittery gown when she attends an “exclusive” event alongside yours truly, who will also have something sparkly by then too!


  1. What future do you have for your business?

Answer: When you think of wow experiences, we want to be the first name that comes to mind. We are not only experts in the field of travel; we are a household name!


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Parc Orion is an ultra-luxury concierge service that offers you the chance to experience a life of luxury. Services include bespoke travel arrangements, reservations at top hotels and resorts worldwide, private tours tailored to your needs as well as many other services for all your extravagant desires.

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