Modenese luxury classic Furniture Has Launched A New Collection: Bespoke Classic Furniture


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The Modenese luxury classic Furniture collection of luxury classic furniture for villas and palaces, custom made classic furniture in Italy. The new collection is now available and can be shipped around the world. Each piece is carefully made in Italy.


For admirers of Bespoke Classic Furniture, Modenese luxury classic Furniture is pleased to announce they have launched a new for homes, hotels, villas, and palaces. The custom-made classic furniture which is made in a factory in Italy is available for shipping around the world.


The leading supplier of quality bespoke classic furniture new collection includes furniture for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  Adding new items such as glass-top dining tables, luxury dining chairs, sideboards, cupboards, bar stools, and dining sets, gives customers more options in their dining room area.


The Modenese luxury classic Furniture collection also includes chairs with the quality and comfort that the rich and famous have come to rely on. The chairs are available in different styles, colors, and sizes. The superior furniture has been carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen at a factory in a small village in Italy.


The company which has been providing quality furniture since 1818 has been supplying classic furniture to some of the biggest hotels, and best-known celebrities around the world. For those people who have stayed in luxury hotels, the chances are they have sat on, eaten at, and enjoyed furniture that has been made by the Italian company. Now, that furniture is available to purchase thanks to the new collection.


When asked more about the collection, a spokesman for Modenese luxury classic Furniture said: “We are excited about our new and current clients to see our new collection of classic furniture. Each piece has carefully been made for maximum quality. We pride ourselves in supplying some of the best made Bespoke Classic Furniture in the world.


As well as providing bespoke classic furniture, Modenese luxury classic Furniture provide a professional interior design service. They can design small spaces, villas, palaces, and from one floor of a hotel to all floors. With their experience and quality furniture, they can make any space stand out.


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About Modenese luxury classic Furniture


The factory of luxury classic furniture Modenese Gastone is situated in a tiny village Casale di Scodosia known for its woodworking traditions. The factory is owned by the Modenese family that is working in the wooden furniture business since 1818.



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