Passion is the energy that keeps people moving says Quionie Gaban –

118 announces “Passion Particle”, a new addition of the platform. With many more features being added in the next few months, Passion Particle will grow in its size as well.

With so many buzzwords and marketing terms in 2021 about passion and living life to its fullest, it is easy to get caught up in the doldrums of what people say. Scrolling through images on Instagram and other social media platforms in which “influencers” tell you how to live your life can be all consuming, contradictive, and dangerous.

Recently, Quionie Gaban launched an all-new website, Passion Particle, to inspire the general public to do more. Gaban believes individuals have been watching other people for too long and through the new platform, wants to inspire others for more. Passion Particle’s aim is to inspire others through visual storytelling. Individuals will connect themselves to their visual story via the Passion Particle platform. Thus, they will show themselves to the world. No longer should people be comfortable with the world around them and accepting of what they are taught.

Accord to Gaban, Passion Particle was designed as a branch of her brand. As a visual storyteller, she was inspired by a variety of elements including travel, people, and even the books she read. These influences help her to become an even better visual storyteller and a desire to further impact others grew.

So, how does Passion Particle work? The platform allows users to share photos which convey emotions to onlookers. Each image invokes feelings to inspire changes. Passion Particle wants to tell compelling, meaningful stories. Rather than what we see on social media platforms like Instagram where users often post meaningless images or photos to sell products, Passion Particle aims to change people, society, and those around them.  The platform suits a variety of scenarios such as portraits, product photography, events, studio and outdoor images.

If you want to develop your passions, you must first find out what you are actually passionate about. Once you have discovered your passion, it is time to develop it. Blogging, writing, photography are all passions that Passion Particle wants to unlock in others. The platform wants you to follow what you love. Your dream is possible to achieve, but you just have to go out and grab it.

To develop your passion and achieve your dreams, it is important to set specific goals. You may need to set out specific steps for each day. Setting goals to achieve your dreams and fulfil your passions can change your life.

There is a passion inside us all. Whether it is to go out and achieve a dream job or to gain something else more tangible, there is a passion in everyone. As a platform, Passion Particle wants users to feel all of the emotion of an image. An image can be interpreted a million different ways and tell a variety of different stories. Therefore, you will have the chance to visually tell a story to evoke emotion, thought, and discussion.

Passion is the energy that keeps people moving, improving, and living. It keeps meaning in our lives and fills us with happiness and excitement. Without passion, life would be dull and Passion Particle strives to bring out the best in others through visual storytelling.

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