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184 is an amazing website which is committed to providing top-quality online offers to consumers, saving them both time and money. Satisfaction with product performance is guaranteed as they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. So if your number-one goal is to score offers and deals, check out now as they research and scout the Web for legitimate and high quality offers.

According to a survey conducted by MarkMonitor in 2017, roughly 1 in 4 online shoppers reported that they had been tricked into buying fake or bad-quality items. Of these sales, 39% of fake products came from online marketplaces. Even though there are rules and regulations set in place by these marketplaces, scam artists keep finding new ways to bypass the system to sell their poorly made items. Customers and online merchants are both negatively affected by these illegitimate sellers, leaving them with numerous doubts and questions. For instance, how can shoppers determine whether a product listing is fake or high quality?

It is to this end was created to list the best online offers out there. Each offer has been researched and handpicked, along with a summary of their findings and opinions. If the offer doesn’t meet their expectations they don’t make it on the list. Some offers have mixed reviews, but if the information obtained from the offer is worth the price, then it will be listed along with all the research for that offer.  Also if you purchase the offer and feel like it is not worth the price, you have 60 days to get a full refund. strives to help people buy with confidence and make smarter, more informed purchase decisions. The website’s administrators monitor the quality of these offers to make sure the platform provides only solid and honest information.   This shift has hugely helped customers make more informed purchase decisions that are based on real-life stories, authentic product use cases reported by the actual consumers of items. is committed to researching online offers and giving their opinion and now they’ve just began to give video reviews. Also anyone who has purchased an offer through can leave a review of their own. Online offers use to be nothing but scams and rip-offs but a lot of legitimate offers are now out there, and will be your guide through them.

There are a lot of Networks online that are a meeting place between the vendor (creator of the product and/or service offer) and the affiliate (the one who promotes the offers.) Some Networks don’t care about the quality of the products and/or services that are being listed on their site and some do. So in addition to researching the offers, also only list offers from Networks that care about their reputation and what offers they display to affiliates.

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