Philadelphia Writer Elle Conard Brings Political Experience To New TV Series “WE 5”


Bethlehem, PA native Elle Conard has worked in politics for over 20 years. Elle has worked with Patti Bruno and Kevin Branco on their current and upcoming runs for local office, both of whom has influenced Elle’s new TV series, “WE 5”.

Premiering this Fall, “WE 5” shares the story of five ordinary citizens who are suddenly thrust into the national spotlight to lead the country. The series will feature the award winning talents of Eric Roberts and Chad Dudley.

Bringing west coast and east coast, north and south together; Producer Elle Conard has pulled together a cast of seasoned actors and film newcomers. Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts will join Eliza Simons and Keaton Simons in “WE 5”, making their first appearances as members of the same cast. The series will also include actors Cougar MacDowall and Christine Price, along with NFL Athlete Paul Butler, and film newcomer Parker George. Filming is scheduled for early April 2021.


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