PISIQ might end up being the First Trillion Dollar Unicorn



While the majority of the companies are aiming to solve convenience based issues which is also what the trend in the investors’ interest is showing, People might be overlooking a company that might potentially be one of the first trillion dollar unicorns if not the first, here is why.

PISIQ is a research and development company that specializes in autonomous systems, while this might sound like exciting trivial information that could excite the investors, PISIQ does not follow the most sought after business model of Saas (Software as a Service) which is the path that most startups take, but falls under the traditional business category. While traditional might be the term to use for PISIQ’s category currently because they do not fit in any other category, they are everything but traditional in the things they do, which is what will make them the next trillion dollar business investors might wanna watch.

Usually startups follow one single business model which allows them to essentially be linked to that particular activity but this actually does not act as a pivot point for them to expand their activities without seeing a distortion in their valuation as the vision starts to fade, this is where PISIQ’s approach shines, PISIQ is strategically establishing themselves as a market leader in autonomous systems while their main business activity has to do with research and development, which allows PISIQ to act like a holding company. Due to this strategic advantage, PISIQ’s teams work on multiple projects that act like standalone startups, all targeting their specific audiences while contributing to PISIQ’s research and development.

A little bit of history

PISIQ was founded by Mudar Muhissen, Nihal Mohammad Shaikh and Arman Salah who are ex-employees of Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Sony etc. Having such brains behind this company is of a great significance in the strategy of the company. PISIQ came together as an alliance between 3 companies from India, UAE and Lebanon to work on research programs to benefit the technology and trade between these companies, eventually PISIQ became an independent entity and Arman Salah was made the CEO. Since its inception, PISIQ has applied for and acquired 12 patents mainly related to Autonomous Systems and mass production methods of a smart material called Graphene.

Apart from the patents, PISIQ has launched a lot of initiatives to help companies and individuals in terms of development and advancements in operations and education. PISIQ’s vision was made public in September in 2020 as the operations were also made accessible by the general public due to an agreement made between PISIQ and their investors.

Why would PISIQ be a trillion dollar unicorn?

The patents PISIQ owns are very valuable as Graphene will be highly required in the future as well as many companies are looking to turn to autonomous solutions to achieve high levels of efficiency. Although PISIQ’s CTO Mudar Muhissen has announced that PISIQ’s patents are bought to protect the technology or the idea being capitalized on by capitalistic companies, he has said that once the patents are approved, majority of them will be released as open source projects that will enable companies and individuals to work with and contribute to the advancement of the society collectively.

Not just the patents part but the overall vision of PISIQ might actually contribute to the change that would be experienced by the society in the future, according to the CIO of PISIQ Nihal Mohammad Shaikh, PISIQ’s vision is to help people be more happy with their lives, they will be able to make a living doing what they enjoy doing, with the help of technology PISIQ aims to end world hunger and change the economies from skill based to creativity based.

PISIQ is working on Brain Interface Technology to work with their autonomous systems that will implement smart systems making everything around interactive. PISIQ’s aim is to bring this technology to every household, even 1% of the claims PISIQ is making is achieved which is very likely, PISIQ’s valuation would exceed the 1 trillion mark.

For everyone interested in learning more about PISIQ, visit PISIQ’s official website https://pisiq.com.






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