Poker Day 2020 celebration set for April 19th with millions of players to take part



Poker Day Clothing company to help players and fans celebrate in stylish new threads

April 16, 2020 – Poker Day 2020 will be celebrated on April 19th with millions of poker players and fans taking part in the fun. Poker Day celebrates the love of the game amongst players enabling them to have a special day of recognition. The holiday also offers individuals the chance to learn the world’s favorite card game.

According to stats and figures from the World Poker Tour, over 100 million people play poker worldwide. The game, which was invented in 1829, has more players globally than golf and tennis. Top modern poker players can earn millions of dollars per year while many amateur players compete just for fun in local tournaments or at their favorite casinos.

In anticipation of Poker Day 2020, Poker Day Clothing has launched an exclusive sale on all items in its boutique webstore. Shoppers can use the promo code ‘poker’ when checking out to get 19% off of their purchases. The website aims to spread the game of poker to new players and dress each individual in its fashionable t-shirts.

Poker fans and players can wear their high-quality, stylish Poker Day Clothing t-shirts while playing the game. The exclusive webstore has t-shirts designed for men and women along with items specifically created for members of the LGBT community. Poker Day Clothing released its first-ever exclusive LGBT t-shirt design recently and also offers accessories created for LGBT community members.

The boutique clothing company is dedicated to designing great items for players regardless of their poker playing level. Poker Day Clothing’s webstore sells t-shirts, hoodies, homewares, and accessories, all printed on demand. The company’s print on demand service means each item is specifically printed upon order. There is no waste and all items are in stock and come in multiple colors. 

Poker Day 2020 is the second annual event and will be bigger than the original. Players can experience the holiday in their exclusive Poker Day Clothing t-shirt or sipping coffee from their new mug.

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