Popular Hypnotist John Soriano Offers Hypnosis Via Skype

The internationally known coach who has clients all over the world has now introduced a brand-new service where he can help people overcome problems in their lives using hypnosis via Skype.

Popular Hypnotist and International coach have launched a brand-new service to help even more people overcome problems in their lives. John Soriano, MS, CH, based in New York, is now offering hypnosis sessions over Skype.

The certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) expert and Mindfulness Instructor who has been helping clients since 2005, wanted to find a way to help those that could not travel to his clinic. So, he decided to set up a virtual hypnosis clinic where he could help people online using Skype. Skype technology allows John to have a face to face consultation with his clients without either party having to travel to the other to receive or perform hypnosis.

The hypnosis expert can help people deal with many issues in their lives which includes phobias, confidence issues, stress and anxiety management in teens and young adults, and pain control.

“Skype allows me to help more clients local, national, and international who need my hypnosis services to improve their lifestyle and overcome obstacles in their lives,” John said. “Since introducing my Skype hypnotherapy service new clients have said before now they did not have the time to seek help. But now, they can fit in the hypnosis session in-between their work and family commitments.”

The hypnotist has found many of his clients who would normally travel to his clinic have now opted for the Skype service to cut out traveling times. John has also found he is receiving more international clients, making him one of the most accessible hypnosis experts available.

Hypnosis can help people deal with many issues. It can help treat phobias, anxiety, substance abuse, and bad habits to name a few. Thanks to the virtual hypnosis service, it doesn’t matter where a person is, they can always get help at a time that is suitable to them.

For a person to be able to have hypnosis sessions with John, they will need to have an internet device which could be a computer or mobile phone, a webcam, and a microphone as well as a Skype account.

To learn more about John, and his virtual hypnosis services and how he can help deal with negative obstacles, please visit http://virtualhypnosisinternational.com

About John Soriano

John Soriano, MS, CH is an internationally known coach. He works with clients all over the world to help them optimize their minds to achieve results. He has a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Expert, and Hypnotist.

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