Post-Purity-Culture SEX WITH GOD Devotional Launched


Author Suzanne DeWitt Hall announces the launch of a 50-day devotional focused on establishing a new sexual ethic in an era of Christian religious deconstruction. Sex With God: Meditations on the Sacred Nature of Sex in a Post-Purity-Culture-World deals with issues as wide ranging as body image and touch, to BDSM and infidelity. It focuses on finding a middle way between the shame-based rigidity of purity culture and the “anything goes” stance which permeates many recent books on the topic. Sex With God is being hailed as a helpful tool for individuals, and for use in pre-marital counseling settings.

The book is available through Amazon, major retailers, and independent booksellers. It’s the sixth book in the Where True Love Is devotional series, and is garnering special attention given subject matter.

On the timing of the launch, DeWitt Hall says “The world is hungry for good news. Our hearts and minds are full of worry, sorrow, outrage, boredom, and all sorts of other negative emotions. We feel trapped: in our houses, in our financial situations, in our nation which feels like it’s been taken over by various kinds of oppression. Sex With God carries you out of all that for a few moments each day. It reminds you that a God who is love wants to love you, and wants you to love others. It draws you into the importance of minute things; touch, skin, listening, breath. It reminds you of the phenomenal reality of matter and spirit, the now and the eternal, and the illusion of separation. It whispers to you of your holiness, and that of your beloved. Why did Sex With God come out now? Because we so desperately need it.”

Here’s one review:

I just finished Sex With God and I want to read it again. The theology is consistent and grounded, linked to interesting and surprising quotes from Pope Benedict or Rainer Maria Rilke to Marilyn Monroe and Donna Summers. The theology of Sacred Sexuality opens a dialogue long held captive by the Church. How does the most intimate act we share with others reflect the intimacy of our relationship with the Divine? And how does a healthy, wholistic sexual theology better help us to understand a healthy, wholistic relationship with our God, ourselves and our world? This book begins that journey.–Rev. Dr. Rob Apgar Taylor

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