PowerPro Assistants announce Inaugural Sis, Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz! Virtual Conference


Women entrepreneurs from across the globe will gather to exchange ideas, meet like-minded women, listen to inspiring presentations and mingle with corporate sponsors on Thursday, March 11th – Friday, March 12th  on the Hopin’s virtual platform


Teekwa P Scarborough, Founder of PowerPro Assistants, INC, in the Newark, NJ area, is pleased to announce their inaugural virtual conference, Sis, Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz. Hundreds of women from across the globe will gather for two days of networking, learning, and motivation on Thursday, March 11th, and Friday, March 12, 2021, online.

“Sis, Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz!” Women’s virtual event is created with our mission in mind: Educating, Supporting, Motivating and Empowering women entrepreneurs, in our world today” commented Teekwa P Scarborough, PowerPro Assistants founder. “The day is organized to provide networking opportunities, presentations on key topics from successful women entrepreneurs, time to mingle with corporate sponsors and meet women you can relate to,” continued Teekwa.

Studies show that women emphasize relationship building as well as fact gathering and are more likely to consult with experts, employees, and other business owners than their male counterparts. Participation in professional groups is on the rise as women seek to build relationships and exchange ideas with like-minded businesswomen.

“I have seen Women I coach, in their business grow beyond their wildest expectations. The synergy, excitement, growth, and exchange of ideas in my community are all refreshing. I look forward to new members joining us and becoming part of our progressive Virtual Assistant Christian group” commented Teekwa P Scarborough, PowerPro Assistants founder.

Highlights of the program include How to start a 6 figure VA Business in the middle of a pandemic, how to earn six-figures from blogging without selling, profits that lie hidden in your business system, and spiritual keys to business success. Michelle Christie, founder of Motivators and Creators Women’s Group, affectionately known as MACSWOMEN, one of our event speakers, will be giving a power-packed presentation on how to build a six figure blog in one year or less!”

To learn more about our “Sis, Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz!” Women’s virtual event, visit our website at https://hopin.com/events/sis-start-your-virtual-assistant-biz.



About PowerPro Assistants

PowerPro Assistants, Inc. is a premier agency for coaches, authors, publishing companies, and corporations globally – helping businesses thrive. We coach professionals and aspiring assistants and provides small business owners with virtual administrative, social media, and podcast services. Under Teekwa Scarborough’s leadership, PowerPro has set itself apart as a cutting edge, trending business in the virtual and online administrative services community. PowerPro Assistants was founded in 2017.


About the Founder

Teekwa P Scarborough, Founder of PowerPro Assistants has a vision and mission to empower women and families through educating, supporting, and creating an impact on them, one Christian woman entrepreneur at a time. Teekwa is the consummate coach, who brings together her entrepreneurial talents and personal intention to affect others in a positive way. She is organizing the largest gathering of women entrepreneurs at a virtual event for women all over the world to start their business. The Inaugural event “Sis, Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz” is slated to draw hundreds of women entrepreneurs from around the world in this monumental event.


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