Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz Offers Patients a Minimally-Invasive Butt Lift


With Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures growing in popularity, Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz is pleased to bring their patients new options in BBL technology for better patient outcomes while reducing recovery times and patient discomfort. Rather than traditional implants to enhance the buttocks, the BeautiFill™ BBL uses laser technology to transfer fat from a donor site on the patient to the buttocks for more predictable, reliable, longer lasting results.

A BBL using fat transfer extracts fat cells via liposuction from the patient at a donor site — commonly the thighs, abdomen, or flanks — and injects it into the buttocks. The goal is to round out and lift the posterior and fill in volume that may have been lost with age or significant weight loss, or was never part of the patient’s genetics.

In the past, fat extraction has been difficult and traumatic to surrounding tissues. Many of the fat cells harvested would not survive the liposuction portion of the procedure, and there would be blood, fibrous tissue, or oils in the donor material which could interfere with fat cells reintegrating into the buttocks. The amount of fat to “take” varied greatly, which often resulted in under- or over-filled buttocks and less than ideal outcomes.

BeautiFill™ laser technology changes all that. Thermally heating the fat cells allows them to be more gently extracted, and the impurities extracted with them are removed for a purer fatty material to transplant into the buttocks. The integrity of the fat cell structure is also preserved, which when combined with the buttocks’ good circulation, achieves a 95% rate of successful cell reintegration in clinical studies.

Because of the more predictable result, Dr. Craig Schwartz, Premier Vein & Body’s founder and medical director, can use his extensive expertise and critically aesthetic eye to sculpt a better BBL more reliably. Patients are happier with their outcomes, and there are fewer complications than with traditional butt lifts or fat transfers without BeautiFill™ laser assistance. BeautiFill™ elevates the BBL procedure to a whole new level while enhancing posterior curves and plumpness.

Dr. Schwartz first became known as Kansas City’s “Vein Guy,” an accomplished vascular surgeon serving thousands of patients in the Midwest. Through his service of those patients, he realized top quality, in-office based cosmetic laser treatments were in short supply, and positioned Premier Vein & Body as the go-to clinic for a multitude of cosmetic enhancement needs and vascular health. It was a natural progression from laser system treatments into body contouring and fat transfer procedures, and Dr. Schwartz is now one of Kansas City’s most experienced liposuction surgeons. This makes the BeautiFill™ system a natural addition to the Premier Vein & Body arsenal of health, wellness, and beauty tools. As a triple board certified physician in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, and Phlebology, Dr. Schwartz has received multiple awards from America’s Top Surgeons and Kansas City Super Doctor, and has recently been named a Top Doc by

The Premier Vein & Body commitment to comfortable in-office procedures for body contouring, skin tightening, fat transfer, facial rejuvenation, and vascular health makes it a truly unique medical spa that can offer a wide range of treatments, including surgical, non-invasive, and everything in between:

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