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Even if a student’s application impresses the admissions committee, they may still want to meet the student before making an offer; Dr. Anil guides potential students on what to expect in a university interview and how to prepare for it.

Dr. Anil Khare, Ivy League Specialist and Head Admissions Counselor, says, “Admissions personnel may use interviews and auditions near the conclusion of the university application process to compare students who have a good likelihood of being awarded spots on their courses. They are more likely to be held for artistic or care-related programs, as well as for Oxford and Cambridge admissions.

While the format and length of the interview varies per university and department, most of them are based on a conversation with the course professor.

Some interviews may need you to bring a portfolio with examples of your greatest work. This is normally only required for arts courses, but English applicants are frequently asked to discuss a poem or essay they have written, while math applicants may be required to solve an equation.

The interviewer will want to keep the interview as a surprise as possible, but they should at least let you know whether you will be needed to do a task ahead of time.”

Interview advice for students

Dr. Anil Khare, lead admission advisor in Dubai, gives the following tips for making the most of your in-campus interview experience:

Determine whether you wish to further your education in this location –

Applicants should approach these interviews as an opportunity to learn more about their options for the future as well as a chance to demonstrate talents relevant to their selected programme. By touring the campus and seeing where you will be taught, you may get a sense of if the university is the appropriate fit for you. Meeting candidates is, in fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of an admissions tutor’s job, as it allows them to offer a tour of our campus.

Prepare for group discussions –

For healthcare-related courses, universities only interview for courses where they believe there will be a significant benefit or when it is a professional obligation. Group interviews are frequently used to demonstrate some of the necessary skills through discussion topics. Applicants should make every effort to engage in as many activities as feasible.

Showcase your abilities and excitement –

In the interviews, university counsellors will be looking for study commitment, organizational ability, motivation, and passion for their subject area, but they also want this to be a fun event where applicants can meet their peers and begin to form relationships.

Questions to ask at a university interview

Remember that interviews are a two-way process, so make the most of it by learning everything you can about the programme that isn’t available on the university’s website or in the brochure. For example, you could inquire about the programme’s variety of teaching techniques, expectations for each year of the degree, and the most important attributes sought in a student, as well as any advice on how to succeed in this particular course. You’ll come off as a well-rounded individual with the ability to excel in this field if you demonstrate love for your topic, as well as genuine interest in and knowledge of the course and university.

If you have a university interview coming up and would like to prepare for it, you can contact Dr. Anil Khare’s office to discuss your requirement in person.

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