Private Company Launches Historic Stimulus Package for Small Businesses


Small Business Marketing Stimulus Package


This is a time for us to come together. And, we stand beside you.

In response to COVID-19’s economic impacts, Iconic Genius is implementing a 100% match marketing stimulus program for locally-owned American businesses.

Iconic Genius can help you and your business get the word out quickly about your products, services, and announcements at a minimal cost.

Effective immediately, businesses can apply for assistance with marketing or advertising on our website or by email at

This program matches dollar-for-dollar any advertising investment. We can provide your business with marketing for as little as $50 per week.

For example, if you invest $100 in social media marketing, you’ll get $200 worth of services in email or Google marketing. Invest $500 and get $1000 worth of services. There is no limit to the match until further notice.

As is with any marketing, we recommend frequency week-to-week. All of our services are built with that in mind.

We will determine the strategies that are best for you and for your budget. No strings attached!

Email now and we will get back to you. Be sure to mention you are interested in the marketing stimulus program.

James Marques