Pro Football Magazine Launches New Digital NFL and NFL Draft Magazine and Website


Tampa, FL, Release: April 11, 2020. For immediate release.

Today, Pro Football Magazine ( has officially announced the launch of its new football and NFL Draft digital magazine and website. The site will offer year-round coverage of the NFL Draft, as well as the most important breaking team news in the NFL.

Pro Football Magazine (PFM) hopes the site will become the go-to for NFL fans around the world, with expert analysis done only by those who have played and coached the game at the highest levels.

PFM will have content updated daily from our team of experts, including mock drafts, prospect scouting reports, interviews with players, coaches, and other media colleagues, and more. The site features a prospect rankings section that will highlight Pro Football Magazine’s up-to-date NFL Draft prospect rankings, and also a dedicated mock drafts section to showcase those.

At launch time, the site’s content will be free for all to access, especially due to the current COVID-19 crisis, but in the future the site will be a subscription-based news website. Our digital NFL Draft guide will be released every season on April 1 with our full scouting reports and player analyses.

The site’s coverage will be headed by Managing Editor Max Luckan, staff writers Coach Brad Kelly and Coach Mike Vannucci, and a team of contributors. The website hopes to provide you with 365 coverage of the NFL Draft and release multiple editions of its football magazine and NFL Draft guides per year.

PFM hopes to become a change of pace in the NFL media sector by providing analysis from the most up-to-date analysts, those who are currently coaching or playing, or who have recently coached or played the game of football. In terms of journalism, PFM will abide by strict standards and industry best practices for all of our content.

The NFL Draft Guide will be available for pre-order starting every year around the middle of March for a price of $10.99 and will be available for purchase on and after April 1, for a price of $16.99. To that end, our digital magazine will always be $9.99 or free with a subscription to the website.

For more information, you can visit: or contact Max Luckan.

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