Professional Development Trainer, Alicia M. Williams Talks About Her Trainer Program


Alicia M. Williams, the founder and president of Training Source One has become an important tool in helping businesses succeed. She has earned one of the training industry’s highest distinctions; an Accredited Provider as a nationally certified Training Professional under the International Association of Education and Training (IACET).

As, a certified corporate trainer and experienced educator,  Alicia M. Williams has been providing a range of training, technical assistance, and support services to various individuals and organizations to strengthen their professional development persona for over 30 years.  Despite the tribulations of the pandemic, Williams has been able to succeed against the odds.

From practical and engaging in-service workshops to classroom observations and program management to virtual & teleconference training, Williams has worked with numerous private and public entities and organizations.  Her unique ability to impart successful strategies, tips and current and relevant techniques that can be utilized within organizations immediately, has garnered her as Mrs. A: the solutions-oriented corporate trainer paving the way for companies to excel.  Since COVID-19’s wrath hit a year ago, Williams has been able to pivot her services to a virtual platform without losing her passion and zeal.  She remains one of the best trainers in the country.

We decided to speak to Alicia M. Williams and learn how she is helping to motivate and empower people to succeed.


  1. First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Alicia M. Williams (Mrs. A) I am the owner and founder of Training Source One, a nationally accredited professional development training organization.


  1. You have launched the Train the Trainer Program; can you explain what that is?

There are two facets of the Train the Trainer Program. The first is to mentor new and aspiring professional development trainers to build profitable trainings and workshops from concept to delivery. The other is an opportunity for knowledgeable and experienced trainers and facilitators to partner via our various trainer membership plans and offer continuing education units along with their courses.


The Train the Trainer online course contains ten modules, that prepare the learner to create trainings and workshops from concept to delivery as well as earn leadership CEUs


The Train the Trainer eBook was designed to provide the reader with both the techniques and strategies when creating a training or workshop as well as provide real life scenarios from the author.



The Train the Trainer workbook is a pdf document that will allow the learner to follow along while completing the online training. It is a fillable document that can be completed from a laptop, PC or smart phone.


  1. What other services do you offer?

Training Source One’s Services include:

  • Live Instruction
  • In-service workshops
  • Virtual and hybrid training
  • Customizable Hands-on Training
  • Flexible training options
  • Technical Assistance and Coaching


  1. How can your services help a business perform better?

 Training Source One (TS1) provides the tools, training, and technical assistance that fosters a positive, empowered work environment. This is accomplished through sharing strategies, tips and most importantly current and relevant techniques that can be utilized within the organization immediately.


  1. What signs should a business leader look for to find out if they have an underperforming workforce?

In my experience, there are three signs to identify an underperforming workforce. The first and perhaps most obvious sign is the quality of work that the underperformer produces. The second sign is tasks are not completed in a timely manner. The third sign is that the employee depends on others to complete their tasks.


  1. You say you can motivate and empower people within a business, can you explain what you mean by that?

Our unparalleled approach to training and education is rooted in the belief that a personal, holistic approach is most effective in guiding our clients toward their goals with a passionate and enthusiastic team cheering them on.


  1. If you have a situation where you go and help to empower professionals within a business, and then find you have one or two who are there not to perform at their maximum performance, and instead are just there to plod along, how do you handle that?

For the ones that do not perform at their maximum performance, I would work with the leader to present a corrective action plan for improvement and monitor progress. If there is no change after this effort, I would advise that they free them to move forward in their endeavors. There is a great cost for retaining employees who under perform.  


  1. 20% of small businesses fail each year, why do you think that is?

I think that the main reason a business fails besides lack of business capital is poor leadership and management.


  1. When should a business seek your services, and what results can they expect?

 It is ideal for a business to seek my advice prior to the decrease of company morale however, if they find they are in the need of intervention immediately, they may choose to utilize our strategy planning session to review their concerns and obtain ways to both address and correct them.


  1. As part of your services, you provide virtual training courses, did you do that because of COVID19, or did you offer that before the pandemic?

Prior to the pandemic, Training Source One provided live training ONLY. It was during the pandemic that we saw the need to diversify our training options. We currently having flexible training options that will allow the learner to complete training requirements from the comforts of their home utilizing a laptop, PC or smart phone.


  1. Can your services help with any type of business?

Yes, our services can help with any type of business.


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