Prominent youth leaders from Liberia launches political movement in the USA to change Liberia


On the weekend of August 8, 2020 the Economic Reform Alliance (ERA), a newly established political movement that is passionate about radical economic reform and the provision of dignity to the Liberian masses hosted its first retreat that brought together 100s of prominent youth leaders from Liberia residing in the United States.

The group led by former youth and student leaders of Liberia said it’s time that the young people take charge of their leadership. They said, for too long the country’s politicians have used the young people of Liberia to satisfy the selfish and kleptocratic political interest and paying little or no attention to the betterment of those they lead and represent in government. Thus, result in our people living in their country as if they are refugees. the chairman of the group said that the old politicians are always seeking to use the young people as a steppingstone to achieve their personal desire and after elections, no one cares about the development of those young people.

At it’s community dialog, the group frowned over the huge disparities that exist between those living in rural areas & urban communities. The group envisage Liberia to become a nation that will use its resources for the betterment of its people through the provision of quality education, free health care, the provision of jobs in rural communities and the revisitation of concession agreements so that they can be in the interest of the masses and that the country’s share in those companies should be significant if not totally owned by government.

The Economic Reform Alliance provides a new and distinct political perspective in Liberia. Unlike other political institutions, they are more ideological and noted for criticizing only when they have a suitable solution that will provide a better result than the former.

The Economic Reform Alliance was organized in 2019 by group of young professionals, youth & student leaders along with the masses. The institution is noted for the saying, “collectively, we can transform Liberia and restore the lost Economic Dignity of the poor Liberian masses.”

The young people are matching forward for the transformation of their motherland.