PURE BOTANIKA Launches Campaign For September’s National Pain Awareness Month


San Diego-Based CBD Pain Patch Company advances campaign to bring greater awareness of and support to the 50 million Americans suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis.

September marks the US’s most important National Pain Awareness Month to date. The stressors generated by the COVID-19 pandemic have manifested as new obstacles for those living with chronic pain. In unwavering support, San Diego-based CBD Pain Patch company, PURE BOTANIKA, has launched its own campaign to support those who suffer from chronic pain across the country. As a subject close to the heart of the company’s founder, the company will do all it can this month to raise awareness for the issue. 

PURE BOTANIKA’s initiatives surrounding the September awareness campaign will include generation of tips, resources, and inspiration for those experiencing chronic pain, which will be shared with followers across channels throughout the month. 

“This is a subject very close to our heart,” says PURE BOTANIKA Co-Founder Abi Cotler. “As someone with endometriosis, I know all too well what it is like to live with chronic pain and how hard it is for others to understand. You can’t fix what you don’t see.” As more than 50 million Americans suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis, the need for support is critical. 

The CDC designated September as Pain Awareness Month in 2018, partially in light of the growing opiate crisis, to call attention to and support for suffering individuals. In their report, the agency stated, “Better public education regarding expectations, beliefs, and understanding about pain are all important. Better pain management is also a major element in addressing the current opioid crisis.”

PURE BOTANIKA is a rising star in topical CBD therapy, as it is one of the first CBD pain patch brands to successfully launch on Amazon. Their breakthrough product is a next-generation transdermal pain patch that delivers 60mg of broad spectrum CBD over a four-day period. The PURE BOTANIKA CBD Pain Patch + Menthol is waterproof, discreet, and side-effect free. Customers have shared with the company that this patch product is the one way they have avoided or gotten off of pain pills to manage their symptoms. 

The company is fueled by what has proven to be the impressive power of CBD pain patches to treat pain. Their genesis lies in the benefits of treating transdermally. When pain patches are used to administer CBD, no medicine is lost to the digestive process, which is proven to slow down absorption significantly. Therefore, patches are a quicker and more economical way to take CBD than through oral methods. 

For many, treating daily pain from muscles and joints, or nerve pain, requires frequent dosage of pills or other ingestibles, which comes with a host of side effects ranging from stomach upset to the risk of serious addiction. Topical CBD will not cause these issues and has been certified as a highly effective solution for soft tissue, as well as certain types of nerve pain, in clinical studies that have become more conclusive over the last five to ten years. In order to utilize the phytocannabinoids in CBD to support the body’s pain and inflammation response and treat pain properly, the user needs a consistent dosage applied over time of high-quality hemp extract (CBD), which PURE BOTANIKA’s patches make easier than ever before to do. 

As a leading voice in the pain-relief industry, PURE BOTANIKA knows that understanding more about the underlying causes of chronic pain can help improve treatments and alleviate suffering. This month, the company is taking the reins to inspire recognition and supply resources. 


Pure Botanika is a health and wellness brand offering quick, free, direct shipping of innovative CBD products designed to get people back to living the life they’re meant to live. The company is headquartered in San Diego and can be found at its online shop and on Amazon.

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