QUIRKY AND POWERFUL “a film and book to match”


In these times when lots of independent films being made on mobile phones are becoming the norm, “Her Name Was Amy Tillman” is a pioneering effort. Basically, because this cutting-edge psychological suspense thriller independently made film in 1999, was designed to look like it was made on a mobile phone long before the mobile phone film had become a staple.


Made in the style of a mocumentary, this film uncovers the deep dark psychosis of a very disturbed woman. On the surface the character seems palatable, but the more one sees of her the scarier she becomes. This is mainly because of the flawless acting by Marlena Kaminsky who plays the role of the unapologetic protagonist heroine. Essentially Amy Tillman is an emotionally displaced person with a chink in her soul.


Amy Tillman, a videographer walks into the office of psychiatrist Dr. Simon Reynolds with a secret; a secret that she is only willing to share in exchange for the Doctor’s promise of client-patient confidentiality.


As the Doctor peels back the layers of her history, he discovers that Amy Tillman is more than just a troubled soul. She is a cold-blooded murderer.

Although this discovery tears him apart professionally and emotionally, the Doctor becomes captivated by Amy’s personality as well as her sexuality.

As he ventures further down her dark psychological path, Dr. Reynolds discovers that Amy Tillman has begun to exert a kind of control over his life that he never dreamed possible.


The book is based on the film script and is riveting. Academy Award winning director Costa Gavras saw this film and applauded Teddy Hayes for the creativity of his work.


This 90 minute film has only played at film festivals and has yet to get proper distribution, but we feel when it does it could become a cult classic.

Definitely worth a look.




Youtube trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmqy4wyiU0I&t=4s