Lil 6at from Atlanta fresh out the army from doing a 6 year term being introduced to the industry during the 2016-2017 SoundCloud wave. Dropping a hit single Yawh prod. By Poloboyshawty. Becoming friends and collaborating on multiple songs with a popular rapper Lil Boom engaging with popular meme pages and artist with “clout” on instagram like Lil Tecca, $not, IDK and various of artists while doing shows in New York.

2018 the last year in the army Lil 6at faces the big roadblock in his music career a deployment to Afghanistan! 3 months prior to leaving he experiments with the mother of his child writing her songs Ah Shit, Fuck you talking bout, Japan plus others and switches to management role/ marketing expert getting her exposure creating a female 6ix9ine with a little XXXtentacion style naming her Lil Keyu, which over the past 9 months she has been very successful. Her notability even awarded her a verified badge and over 200k followers on instagram.

Lil 6at today survived explosions in Afghanistan and now resides in LA back in artist mode dropping a song with the title 7-11 in honor of his mother has been murdered back in 99 with the killer still anonymous with an unsolved cold case and edits his own music video with no experience. The link to the video is https://youtu.be/io0O2R8pWBA . Over the past few weeks Lil 6at has a song called ‘Laker’ that has a different unique vibe for the rapper thats being the talk on the streets as well as My Year and Gucci. Throughout the course of Lil 6at musical career, Lil 6at has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. Expect to hear more from Lil 6at as he takes his music from LA to the world!

For more information about Lil 6at https://hypeofflife.com/ lil-6at-laker/ https://instagram.com/lil6at https://twitter.com/lil6at https://soundcloud.com/lil6at
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