Ready-Set-Go… Powerhouse Nurse Coach Jean Turner illuminates the Level-Up Summit Stage


The results are in! The Level Up Summit hosted by “Butts in Seats Queen” Kearn Cherry, CEO & Founder of PRN Healthcare & Cofounder of Success Women’s Conference, was an Absolute Success!

Powerhouse Speakers from all over the US and Internationally chimed in to impart words of wisdom, inspiration, and fundamental keys for Women and Men to LEVEL-UP!

One standout Powerhouse Speaker was: Nurse Coach Jean Turner

Left Side: Dr. Cheryl Wood (Headliner Speaker), Kearn Cherry (Level-Up Event Host), Dr. Sonja Stribling (Headliner Speaker), Magie Cook (Headliner Speaker) /Center: Jean Turner (Guest Speaker)/ Right Side: Min. Nakita Davis (Guest Speaker/Event Billboard &PR), Forbes Riley (Headliner), Natasha Grano (Headliner), & Erik Swanson (Headliner)

Nurse Coach  Jean captivated the global audience with her signature talk entitled:

Spirit of a Warrior: Embrace The Process

Audiences left with 3 vital take-aways to catapult their Success:

1. Grow Through It! Learn the lesson so you do not have to repeat the course!

2. Shift Your Perspective! There is a bigger picture in play.

3. You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be!

More on Nurse Coach Jean Turner

Jean Turner is a Retired Army & Iraqi War Veteran, Author, International Speaker, Holistic Health Nurse Coach, Licensed Minister, and the CEO of Spirit of a Warrior Life Enterprises, LLC. Under her business umbrella, Jean uses both her local radio show and worldwide podcast, “Health Chat w/Coach Jean” to promote holistic health and healing.

What’s Next for Level-Up Powerhouse Speaker, Nurse Coach Jean Turner?

Nurse Coach Jean will be a guest Speaker for the upcoming

Called 2 Inspire Women’s Empowerment Conference 27 – 29 April. She will also be a Guest on “A Rhema Word for Women” podcast show 22 May.

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