Realtor turned Renaissance man now at the helm of a credit restoration company helping people achieve their dreams


Hannibal Collins, the Executive Director of FICOfinesse, found a new fervor when he welcomed the birth of his firstborn son; Nasir. Hannibal has been motivated before – having vast professional endeavors – but this challenge brought a newfound sense of urgency.

Hannibal clamored to embody the change he wanted to see in the world. Finding it important to give & to empower others; he said set out to teach people in the community financial literacy. “It is very rewarding seeing people accomplish the things they never thought were possible,” says Hannibal.

With a background in Telecommunications, Real Estate and Investing; Mr. Collins has helped his clientele start Business entities, establish Business credit and restore personal credit. His team has tripled account limits, & reduced interest rates. They help clients properly finance cars, buy homes and investment properties. The quick ascension of FICOfinesse has landed the company in Medium magazine and Yahoo Finance.

His clients often marvel how knowledgeable he is. Any observation of Hannibal will demonstrate that he is perpetually studious; spending at least an hour per day learning Investment, Real estate, Credit, Asset Protection or Financial Literacy principles. This hunger for learning was instilled early for he & his Twin brother Thaddeus by their parents.

Hannibal previously was a Realtor in New York City for nine years & thereafter managed leasing for a few luxury buildings . He was also an acquisition manager for a real estate investment company & a Territory manager for 60 buildings. Those experiences gave him the perspective, tools and first-hand exposure that he would lean on later as Executive Director of FICOfinesse. Tedious days of going through thousands of credit reports, Tax returns, Foreclosure documents, and doing income calculations facilitated his effectiveness. It was abstract education that later proved to be invaluable.

FICOfinesse has weathered this economic downturn, increased revenue, expanded and onboarded more staff. Hannibal was recently featured on the PromoteHER network as an Advisor; to an audience of 122 million. He also recently became a Author with the well received debut “Tailor-Made Credit (A DIY Guide).”

Hannibal forms strategic partnerships with other young entrepreneurs and thought leaders hoping to inspire future generations. He strives to keep helping peers and clientele achieve their aspirations. He also hopes to continue speaking on business panels, give tutelage at schools & appear on more cable TV segments. Stay tuned.

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