Redefining Value – Transforming Lexus Digital Presence

Lexus new customer centered mobile experience allows users to acquire a car through chat.

To stay in the forefront of innovation and to better solve their customers needs Lexus Recently upgraded their ​digital ​experience. The core objective was to improve the current ​customer experience,​ ​user-experience ​& provide a mobile-first approach to its end-users. 

A few months ago Lexus requested that its existing website ( should be remodeled by ​Eroe​ for a distinct online presence that will improve the ​user-experience​ by using​ new​ ​digital strategies ​ to​ ​further satisfy the stakeholders. The purpose of the transformation was to build a new platform in support of a Sitecore experience as well as improve the ​user-experience​ and  ​mobile-friendly interfaces.
After Comprehensive analytical & data driven studies taking in account emotions, ​customer behaviour,​ ​attitude, ​user-person​ & technical factors, the challenges faced with the former website were found to be ​target audience​ exits due to customer journey disruption & technical difficulties users encountered while interacting with the platform.  
As studies suggested the need for a comprehensive ​digital​ transformation of Lexus online Presence, ​Eroe​, ​digital transformation agency​ proceeded with the following ​strategy  
1. A ​mobile-first​ approach to respond to a consumer behaviour trait of using mobile phones more frequently than other devices. Taking into consideration the amount of time users spent with their phones, the first step to ​digital disruption​ was to go where the customers are and develop a platform that is ​mobile device​ friendly.  
2. Transform offline offerings into digital product offerings. By moving your offline experience into the ​digital world​, consumers tend to use the ​digital tools​  by creating a personalised experience of the ideal product they would want to purchase.
3. Creating a digital shopping experience. Anticipating client’s expectations by customer insights is instrumental in creating a unique identity for the products that customers are purchasing.

4. Page speed ​navigation & ordering process simplified.  Speed matters when it comes to ​digital experiences​. Based on customer behaviour of moving fast between digital content sources, improving the​ page speed​, site size and loading time has led to a successful retention rate of the digital users.
The changes implemented upgraded the ​user interface​ and user experience of Lexus to be able to accomplish their business goals, decreasing page exists, acquiring more clients, and driving digital transformation​.

This invariably tailors down or in line with the vision of Lexus to capture desire, ignite the emotions & help people to experience the amazing, recognizing human-centered approach & strengthen the differentiation through ​digital transformation initiatives.
From now on Lexus customers can enjoy of:

● Improved primary navigation for ordering a car – as visible on the website.
● Redesigned Order form – as shown on.
● Integrated automated online chat support with the car purchase functionality.
● Restructured mobile version of the website – as updated on the product page.

The results of the transformation resulted in a notable increase of over 300, 394 new users (doubled the number of existing users), ​page speed​, ​fewer page exits and the average session duration per user increased by 100%, thereby increasing​ competitive edge.
Now Lexus audience & customers can enjoy an uninterrupted ​digital​ experience.
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