Reflect, revise, and Restart How to Restart 2020


The year 2020 has given us a time of solitude to feel emotions deeply and to understand the complexities we are going through life knowingly and unknowingly. The global pandemic has urged us to value human life and the environment, which in a normal fast paced life was nearly impossible to envisage. Today, we have an interesting and intriguing find for our readers to feel positive about and happy about.

A machine has structural components to function and operate, mainly the frame, bearings, springs, fasteners etc. When a machine functions with efficiency and longevity it is considered to have a good life. The more fuel you give it along with good maintenance, the longer it lasts and the better it lives. The longevity and the efficiency together add up to the quality of its life. Every machine has a user manual, a set of instructions for the best use. We create and write the user manual for machines. The year 2020 has made us realise the potential and worth of a human life. The human body is the most revolutionary machine present in the nature today, the way a human body as a whole works is simply magical, with the many organs and systems working for us and much more. We need to take care of it for it to function and live a quality life. A mechanical machine needs to RESTART every day at least once in order to allow it to function smoothly with maximum efficiency, the same way every human body needs to RESTART and evolve time-to-time. 3 It is time, the year 2020 has given us a chance to RESTART and evolve together and achieve collective higher consciousness.

Restart 2020 is a book which aims at bringing the long awaited change, gratifying the inner being. It anticipates hope in oneself and encourages us to amend for the betterment of nature and fellow species around us. There is nothing that restricts us. It is only our mind that creates boundaries. Unleash your true self, and be the best version of yourself, starting today. Reflect, revise, and RESTART to bring the positive change this book leads you to. Grab your copy of Restart 2020 and elevate higher together. The authors Rishabh & Nidhi come together in constructing a book of awareness along with a plan of action. They say – “We believe the world can change for the BEST and we are 8billion people ready to elevate at higher dimensions and evolve for 4 the betterment of ourselves, Mother Nature and the Divine energy by taking small steps together. We pray for the BEST. Happy Reading!

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