Repurpose The Kitchen Into The New Normal


With many people being accustomed to the times of social distancing and staying at home now, finding a comfortable place at home can sometimes be taxing sometimes. However, more and more people are unexpectedly finding that the kitchen can actually be an advantageous option as the new work from home space. However, making it work would definitely need some adjusting to repurpose this family and/or personal space.


Whether the space is intended for working, studying or cooking, one of the most important things that one should do in the kitchen is to keep it clean and clutter free, so that it can aid in clearing the mind and keeping one focused on the task at hand. This is definitely the right time to clear the clutter and make space for items related to work through purging things that no longer of use; throw out that junk drawer; minimize and organize the wide collection of food storage containers and their mismatched lids; and sell, donate, or junk old dishware cookware and small appliances.


  • Maintain organization of your kitchen through positioning a specific work area. You can decide if it is at the kitchen table, at the end of the island, or even on a pantry nook. What’s important is you do your best to keep your work related materials placed only in one specific area.
  • Aim to utilize as much natural daylight as possible, work near a window or face an outdoor view if available.
  • Ergonomics is vital. Choose an area in your kitchen where you can have a good working height. A kitchen table may provide a suitable working height. A counter height table or island is also a good alternative. Neo Kitchen can provide a wide variety options that can let you work more in your kitchen space.
  • It is not ideal to seat for several hours with a backless stool. So, invest in your comfortable seating and health through buying a quality chair or transfer an existing one from your bedroom or office into your new work space in the kitchen.
  • Pull-out tables and appliance nooks with lift-up doors can be provided by Neo Kitchen. These improvements can be implemented in order to have multi-purpose spaces for cooking and working.
  • Try to keep work and home life separate as possible. When it is time to go off, put away your computers and all other work materials and store them in a repurposed custom kitchen cabinets near your working space for ease of access.
  • Remember to stretch or take a break like you normally will at the workplace. It is important to give yourself some mini breaks even when working on a busy day.

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