Revolutionary pedometer app WOBL to allow real-time walking with friends and family

WOBL is the first and only pedometer app that allows users to get moving in groups

How about a social network group where one can monitor the walking data and other fitness details of near and dear ones, say senior family members? Sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, a new game-changing pedometer app is all set to redefine the existing pedometer scene with its revolutionary patented group walking design mechanism. WOBL, as the app is called, is especially programmed to allow step-tracking of family members, friends and trusted circles in real-time, even when these people are not physically close to the user.

WOBL now available on the App Store, comes in Basic (Standard) and Pro (Advanced) versions. The pre-order phase has just been launched; users opting for pre-order will be able to avail of a whop-ping 50% discount on both versions plus a lifetime discount on Pro Version for early adopters. There is an option to grab a free beta version with limited availability, as seen on their website before placing any pre-orders.

The USP of WOBL lies in its “Boards” (inspired by ”leaderboards”), the pedometer walking groups. The FIRST-of-its-kind, the Boards are backed by an innovative patent-pending design that brings to-gether a real-time pedometer leaderboard and a group chat room for participants.

“WOBL is like the ‘WhatsApp for Walkers’. Unlike conventional pedometer apps, WOBL supports a patented group walking design to help you walk with loved ones in real-time. Just like WhatsApp or any other social network, WOBL allows users to create a walking group on the fly and add people. Once added, the app will start to track the step count of each member of the group so that the user can have a real-time account of the walking data of every individual member of the group. This way, the user will be able to keep a tab on the fitness activities of the group members, and monitor and manage their fitness levels accordingly”, stated Emmanuel, the founder of WOBL.

“Given its breakthrough group walking design, WOBL also helps to keep the user and other mem-bers of the group motivated through an easy display of the walking and fitness stats and alerts every day. We have just launched the Pre-order phase of WOBL at a highly discounted price. It’s a limited-time offer and is available for the first 10,000 users only.”

Top features of WOBL:

  • Innovative ability to create private pedometer walking groups, and add friends and family members
  • Users can enjoy virtual walking with group members in real-time
  • Counts daily steps for each member of the group
  • Live leaderboards that will keep account of steps, distance, active hours, floors, and more
  • Color-coded charts for steps and pedometer activities
  • Motivational daily and weekly “get moving” alerts to nudge group members closer to their fitness goals
  • No use of GPS assures longer battery run
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Facility to chat on Boards
  • User-friendly operation

“Walking keeps you healthy and when you can engage others in the exercise as well, you can moti-vate the whole community towards leading a healthier lifestyle. WOBL will be your one-stop partner here.”

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Company Name: WOBL
Contact Person: Emmanuel John, CEO and Founder

Country: United States