Rhonda Towns Walking In The Wonderful Light of Success


“The Audacity of Hope,” the second book from former American President Barack Obama says it all. Back in 1998, a young African American woman named Rhonda Towns had the audacity to hope that she could become a country music artist and be accepted into the traditional country music world.

What audacity! But guess what? After some years and many trials and tribulations, the audacity of hope has turned into the reality of happiness, and now Rhonda Towns has become the latest rising star not only in country music but also in Christian and Gospel charts.

The daughter of a preacher who grew up in Alabama and started singing in church, always loved listening to gospel and country music on the radio believing that this music called her and that it was her destiny to become a part of it.

In 2009 the song “Slow Rain” made the country charts but it didn’t quite make enough flash to make her into the star she was destined to become. It would take another twelve years to mature her sound and put her in the right place at the right time with the right producer Billy Sherrill in collaboration with Towns and the right song by Teddy Hayes called “Walking In Your Wonderful Light”.

She feels this is a special song because not only does it reflect what she has had to endure to keep her dreams alive but also shows that as humans on this planet we all have the capacity to emerge as better and stronger people after life has thrown us a few curve balls.

Some have said this is the perfect song for the Solstice, the time when the sun hangs in the sky longer than any other day. Others have called it the perfect song for reflecting the hope that people have in coming out of the pandemic and returning to the wonderful light of normality.

Released on 30th of April, on its first day of release, the song debuts with ‘Top Artists This Month’ on Spotify “New Music Friday Christian” Playlist and continues to rise as well as being added to other pop, gospel and Christian stations across the world.

Here is the link, download it and see for yourself what I’m talking about. And if you like it, please pass it on to those people whose lives you’d like to bring some happiness and light to.

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By: Pryce Dunbar