Ritesh Tandon, US Congressional Candidate, CA17 is against Prop16 Race-Based Discrimination, but his opponent endorsed Prop16



The new name of ACA 5 bill is Prop 16 and it will be in November 2020 ballot. I oppose Prop 16 and request everyone to vote NO on Prop 16.

In November of 1996, California voters approved Proposition 209, a California State constitutional amendment, providing that government entities “shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” (Cal. Const. Article 1, Section 31.)

It was March 2014, when the first attempt to repeal prop 209 (via SCA5) which would introduce race, ethnicity, and skin color as discriminatory factors in admissions to the public education, employment, and contracts. Then our esteemed Congressman, Ro Khanna, strongly opposed it and signed the following pledge (image)

Guess what? A few days ago, Congressman Ro Khanna changed his mind and now thinks that race, color, sex, national origin-based discrimination or preference to UC admissions, public jobs, and public contract awards is the right thing to do.

Published on “Opportunity for all coalition” blog site, representative Khanna said, “As a proud member of the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community, I wholeheartedly endorse ACA 5 (now call as Prop16) — because every single Californian stands to benefit from affirmative action and equal opportunity programs, programs that have never been more critical than they are today.”

He continued, “Make no mistake: Proposition 209 was authored by Wall-Street-backed interests who felt threatened by an increasingly diverse California, so they put a thumb on the scale for their own businesses. This hurt countless California communities — very much including my AAPI community. Our enrollment in the UC system has suffered; our ability to build strong businesses has been hamstrung, and our ability to secure good-paying jobs has been undercut. Anyone who says anything different is misrepresenting the facts — because AAPI Californians will benefit from ACA 5 (now call as Prop16), period.”

Congressman Ro Khanna has really lost touch with the community of the 17th district. He falsely claims that it benefits Asian, Indian, and Pacific Islander communities. Truth is that it benefits only untrustworthy politicians like him, and others who have opposed it. It was legally challenged three times and lost. The lies perpetrated by Ro Khanna, in his statements above, are unbelievably devious. He is misleading the Asian community with false information that they are being hurt by prop 209. He is hoping that they will not do any diligence, and vote for Prop 16. What is his real purpose for flipping on what he promised in 2014? Unclear!
Truth is that, under the existing state constitution, UC colleges take account of each individual applicant’s personal story and achievements. All factors except the race, color, sex, and ethnicity are considered in the UC admissions! It sounds compatible with our 14th amendment. Doesn’t it? So, Ro Khanna wants to override the US Constitution for the Blacks, Latinos, and hurt the Asian communities? Let me explain the truth below.

The results of the current system have been amazingly fair. Here are the enrollment rates, by race, the year before UC was ordered to stop considering race, and today: African Americans (3.7 percent then, 5% percent now); Latino Americans (13.4 percent then, 36% now); Asian Americans (36.1 percent then, 35% now), Caucasian Americans (38.4 percent then, 21% now). Admissions for both the Latinos and the Blacks are very close to the racial mix of California today. So, why put Prop 16 for the November ballot?

Asian Americans stand to lose the most if a race-based quota system is instituted. Asians may be dropped to 14% of the total admissions to the UC System, instead of 35% now. How is that fair? And Ro Khanna claims in his statements above that the AAPI community has suffered in the past, and will benefit after the Prop 16 passes. Really?

In other words, the rising percentage of Latino Americans graduating from California’s high schools has been matched by the rising percentage in their admission to UC, and the drop in Caucasian Americans’ percentage of California’s high schools has registered in their drop-in UC enrollments. The other races stayed about the same. These numbers do not call out for racist Affirmative action Programs endorsed by Ro Khanna.

In public jobs, blacks are already at about 20%. It is 30% higher than their population proportion. ACA 5 actually might actually hurt them.
Outreach programs to include small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, first-time businesses, minority-owned businesses, is totally fine under Prop 209, as long as all are approached equally, not just targeted to one category. That is why Prop 209 is fair and must stay, and Prop 16 must be defeated.

Congressman Ro Khanna is either ignorant, or misrepresenting the facts when he says that the AAPI community has suffered in getting fair enrollment in the UC system, in getting good-paying public jobs, or were hamstrung informing businesses. His motivation to mislead you is unclear.

Truth is that children of hardworking AAPI and other communities will suffer, as they will be stripped of fair competition to enter the UC System for higher education. They will either have to go out of state or private universities that will cost 2-3 times more. The quality and standard of the UC system will decline.

We cannot trust Ro Khanna, who completely misrepresents the facts and lies to get your votes. Please vote them out this November! We need honest and responsible representatives. We deserve better

Please oppose and STOP Prop16 (ACA 5). Let us together help children of all races, color, and ethnicity learn better, and prepare them to compete vigorously at national and international levels. That would be a real gift to our society, not a debilitating quota system!
I’ve lived the American Dream and will do all I can to assure everyone has that opportunity. Outstanding and fair education practices are a huge part of that.

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