Ruff Tales: Announcing The First Ever Reality Web Series Featuring Dogs

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Miami – January 7th, 2021​ – “You’ve seen the ​Real Housewives of New York, ​Big Brother and ​Bridezillas, but until now, you’ve never been able to enter the real, inside world of man’s best friend. Now, for the first time ever, this secret world is exposed, warts and all. It’s no longer just sit, fetch, or rollover. No! Finally dogs give voice to their hopes and dreams, their fears and prejudices, and their lunch preferences. In one fell swoop, we’ve moved from dog whisperers... to dog​ listeners.

“Featuring a community of dogs located in Miami, Florida, RUFF TALES​, uses a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ approach, documenting the friendships, the rivalries, the romances and the conflicts of a close-knit group of dogs. In this new 8-part web series we see friendship, empathy, love, and in some cases, poop. Led by Allie, a Russian, military-trained Siberian Husky, Millie, a soft-hearted Goldendoodle from France, and Oliver, a rather snobbish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from England, each episode follows their adventures as they go about their daily lives. Dogs are amazing in the way they relate to each other,” says Co-Producer/Director, Israel Brod, “and revealing this previously unexplored dimension really showed us that in many ways, dogs are just like people… sometimes loveable, sometimes a pain in the ass.”

Filmed over the course of a year, with a crew deeply embedded in the doggie community, ​RUFF TALES​ captures intimate moments, heated arguments and the rough and tumble of being part of this tight knit group. “Not only do we see how dogs navigate the world of humans,” says Brod, “but we learn that many of these dogs believe they have gotten a raw deal. I mean describing someone ‘as sick as a dog,’ or that your leftovers go in a ‘doggy bag,’ well that’s really offensive! And these dogs have no hesitation in letting us know that.”

The first season of ​RUFF TALES ​launched on Youtube on 1/3/21:

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