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RxPowered launches website enabling consumers to shop, compare, and save up to 90% on prescription medications

Consumers can obtain a prescription savings card to use at a local pharmacy and save money

RxPowered has officially launched its new website, enabling consumers to shop for prescriptions, compare prices, and save up to 90%. The website lists prices for prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies and allows consumers to obtain a prescription savings card.

Founded by married entrepreneurs, Kayla and Nathan, RxPowered aims to provide consumers with options and information to make smart choices on prescription drugs. Having experienced the high price of prescription medications firsthand, the couple searched for alternative ways to save money. The result was the creation of RxPowered, as they aim to help others find important prescription drugs at a fair price. 

Americans spend more money on prescription medications than anyone else in the world today. The average prescription costs around $1,300 per year. RxPowered makes it possible to quickly compare the cost of medications from different pharmacies. 

Consumers search for a specific medication, and, in just a few seconds, they are presented with a list of local pharmacies and prices. Then, consumers get a prescription savings card via text, email, or print, which they show at their selected pharmacy to save money.  

Prescription savings cards cannot be used with an individual’s health insurance. However, in some cases, they can save consumers more money than health insurance, especially on generic medications.  

It is important to remember that prices change regularly. RxPowered provides consumers with the most up-to-date information available by searching several pharmacies in a specified area.

RxPowered is for anyone wanting to save money on prescription medications. Learn more by visiting the official website.


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