“Saeed Jaber – Security and Information Protection” New book to encounter the hackers


The writer Saeed Jaber has recently concluded his book “Security and Information Protection”, which deals with detailed explanation for the term of ‎‎”Hacking”, and the methods of protecting the information and how to avoid falling ‎into the traps of hackers.‎Said Jaber said that hacking is the art of creative problem solving, whether that ‎means finding an unconventional solutions to a difficult problem or through ‎exploiting loopholes in imprecise programming, many people call themselves ‎hackers, but few have the strong technical basis needed to actually push the ‎process forward.‎

The art and science of hacking Saeed Jaber explained the method through which the obscure techniques of ‎hackers actually operate in order to share the art and science of hacking in a way ‎that everyone can access, noting that the second edition introduces the basics of C ‎programming language from the hacker’s perspective.‎

Said Jaber added that all the above can be made without modifying the embedded ‎Linux system through complete correction to the entire system environment. The ‎current operation disk inside the book provides examples on how to fill in the ‎gaps in your knowledge and how to explore the hacking techniques.‎Saeed Jaber added that the book will provide the reader with useful programming ‎information, including obtaining debugging code, bypassing protection, exploiting ‎weaknesses point of encryption, and for even inventing new utilities.‎ Saeed Jaber stressed that the book contains more benefits, including assembly ‎language and shell scripts “C” ,Python, programming computers using system memory ‎destruction language to run random code using buffer surplus and formatting ‎strings, and checking processor registers and system memory using a debugger to ‎get a real understanding of what is happening, and to bypass the common ‎security measures.

‎It is worthy to note that Saeed Jabr was honored and his name was placed on a ‎wall of Fame at the United Nations after discovering a SDE vulnerability in their systems.‎At un official website link hall of fame :https://unite.un.org/content/hall-fame/list

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Saeed Jaber

Saeed Jaber