Samuel Arakel – Visionary and game changer in the marketing industry

Marketing is an art, not always the best is the first.
– Samuel Arakel

You don’t need to begin as an expert in order to be a successful businessman. Various entrepreneurs have initiated their business without financial assistance or money. Similarly, over time, various entrepreneurs have accomplished a lot in domains where they hardly had any experience. Whether you are a teenager and considering getting started in the business field, the successful entrepreneurship story of Samuel Arakel should give inspiration for your new startup. 

Samuel Arakel, Armenian engineer and businessman, is an expert when it comes to modern technology. He owns a firm that consists of one of the biggest of Europe’s LED screen advertising groups. Other than a president to a reputable firm, Arakel has founded and managed various big firms such as Arakel Group, Arakel Trans International and Arakel Construction SA. Arakel founded the Arakel Group even before obtaining his professional degree.

Considering his interest in modern technology, In 2011, he co-created the thinnest visual screen project in the world. It was that time the World’s thinnest LED screen. It was called ‘The 21st-century miracle’ at a trade fair arranged in Las Vegas. Later in 2019, he founded the first Organization in Europe in association with small entrepreneurs and advertising media companies. Finally, in 2020, Samuel Arakel, along with three other investors,  is the company’s founding person for Arakel & Bus Inc.

The fun fact about Samuel Arakel is that he doesn’t like to talk a lot about himself and his achievement. Still, in the environment, they joke “he is a multitasking man who turns into gold whatever he touches,” which actually depicts his personality. Another interesting fact about Arakel is that he speaks four languages, a musician by education and an IT specialist by profession. Starting from scratch during his studies, he is now a multitasking man holding the presidency of major firms of the United States of America.

Samuel started his career in algorithms at the young age of 22, when he created an algorithm and a program to collect data for state security services. Moreover, He formed a distinct technology that assists in cooling integrated circuits and PCB. He also developed screen management programs remotely. He suggested a change in the angle of the inclination of cooling windmills. All his hard work brought efficient and economical solutions to screen technology. His contributions to screen technology have been an epitome of success and advancement.

Samuel Arakel is known as the Creator of algorithms for modern business models. He managed the creation of algorithms and systems that aids companies in enhancing their visibility on the internet and on local markets. Arakel’s contributions to algorithms systems will help businesses a lot in the near future to gain maximum leads by just increasing their online identity.

As he claims, the future of business depends on the algorithms that the environment has created for them, so you need to create tools on an ongoing basis that help businesses be visible in today’s busy world. Indeed, Arakel has been creating algorithms that are going to be the basic tools for business to be the most visible business.

The success story of Samuel Arakel isn’t only his story but a success for thousands of businesses that are trying hard to gain visibility. The hard work of Arakel on algorithms is indeed going to help thousands of businesses out there.

The success story of Samuel Arakel reveals that you can start from nothing and can gain a number of accomplishments under your name and by your hard work, determination, and smart work.

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