Say hello to TuneSick – a new music streaming platform aiming to shake up the streaming industry.


The site is a London based music tech startup that offers users the ability to stream and download music primarily from a whole range of up and coming music artists.

After an initial trial / testing phase, the site officially launched its platform in January 2020 and already has over 5000 songs in its library, with more being added each and every day.

The site has no significant marketing budget, saying that all subscriptions have simply been through social media and an extremely effective referral marketing campaign. However, it is not known how they have used social media to garner such business as Facebook and Instagram have both censored any links to their website. The social media giants have currently blocked the company and users from sharing the website link, providing no explanation whatsoever as to why they have done so.

When I spoke to Dilowar Hosen, a marketing executive for the company, he provided me with some more information:

”We have been blocked from sharing our links on Facebook and Instagram. To this day Facebook have provided no reason for this. They simply say the link is not allowed. We’ve tried to contact them several times but have received no response…. All of the business we have generated so far has been without the use of the two biggest platforms in social media, it has seriously hampered our business growth. But we won’t let it stop us. We will continue to pursuit other forms of promotion and hope that the problem will soon be solved.”

Another worker at the company, Tareq, added: ”I don’t understand why at all they are censoring our links.There is so much negative information, political mis-information and hate content out there on their platforms – which they know full well exits yet they willingly allow it to remain. Yet they have chosen to block content from people who are trying to improve the community and foster musical creativity.I really don’t understand.”

It’s unclear how the company will progress without the use of what is undoubtedly the biggest forms of promotion out there. But one thing is for sure is that company are fighting on and have unveiled plans to release a mobile app as a result of a successful testing phase. The launch of the app will surely help and it will be interesting to see how the site goes on moving forward.