S&B Expedite Courier Services Announces Exciting Re-Launch Offering Fast, Reliable and Secure Same Day Shipping in the Cincinnati and Metropolitan Area


Finding a trustworthy way to deliver a package quickly and securely in Cincinnati, Ohio recently became much simpler with the launch of S&B Expedite courier services.  The new company offers both single delivery and multiple delivery options all set at very attractive price points and all delivered in the same day.


June 21, 2020


For many businesses being able to get a package to another business or a client in the same day is an absolute must.  In the Cincinnati area, startup company S&B Expedite are answering the call in a reliable, affordable and always secure way – leaving new customers more than impressed.


“Our company motto is ‘Delivery You Can Trust’ for a good reason,” commented Amy Ndiaye, Owner at S&B Expedite.  “We believe in this policy 100%.  When a client hires us, we want them to know their package is in good hands and they can count on it arriving on time and safely, like clockwork.”


According to the new company, some highlights of their services include:  fast, reliable and secure delivery services; professional well-trained drivers; online ordering and tracking options; special miles packages that come at discount rates that can be used over a month – with unused miles carrying over into next month’s bill or credited for added convenience and savings to on-demand basis clients; insured packages; and much more.


For more information be sure to visit http://www.snbexpedite.com.


About S&B Expedite ltd.

Headquartered in Fairfield Ohio, S&B Expedite is a local company providing same-day delivery services to clients in various industries, in the Cincinnati and Metropolitan area. The company is working toward establishing itself in the area as a leader in providing best in class technology driven delivery service, and offering methods and solutions that goes far beyond client’s expectations, during the entire delivery process. S&B Expedite is committed to reduce waste of time and increase productivity without the need of reducing capabilities for effective, dependable, reliable and innovative courier services.


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Amy Ndiaye