Sean Ortiz on the Art of Leadership (Jurupa Valley)


Sean Ortiz on the Art of Leadership

Sean Ortiz has been growing businesses for the past 10 years, specializing in operations and focusing on distribution and supply chain management.


He once took a company from $900,000 to $6 million in sales with a gross profit of 35 percent.


Ortiz did everything from creating new positions and hiring for them to overseeing daily business operations and tracking growth.


With a Bachelor of Business and a Master’s in Leadership management, Ortiz agreed to share his top advice for leaders in any industry.


“I challenge people to use their passions and gifts,” says Ortiz.


Ortiz believes that the main role of a leader should be to help people develop and improve themselves.


He audits people’s strengths and weaknesses and helps them become the best versions of themselves by giving them constructive advice as well as encouragement.


“Leading people is something I rise to,” says Oritz.


“I have always fallen into leadership positions and people often look to me to make decisions,” says Ortiz.


Another tip Ortiz has for leaders vying for success is to learn from every situation, good or bad.


“You should never stop learning because there is always something new to learn,” says Ortiz.


“Every situation is a new way to learn and grow. If you don’t try, you won’t succeed.”


Ortiz says another big part of being a leader is putting the work in.


If you want to make a difference as a leader, you need to inspire your team to think big and work hard too.


He recommends being the first one to work and the last one to leave.


You should also have a purpose behind your hard work.


Ortiz says it’s about having a mission, not being a workaholic.


He also recommends leaders and anybody in today’s modern age to get used to change because it’s inevitable.


“You need to get comfortable with change because things are always changing,” says Ortiz.


“You don’t want to end up like Sears.”


Ortiz is currently building a new website to distribute educational resources to people who want to learn about business and leadership.


He says he wants to encourage people to continue growing and developing themselves.


“I want people to get excited about improving their lives,” says Ortiz.


It’s for this reason that Ortiz wants to put free value online so people can use his resources to improve not only their leadership skills, but their management and organizational skills.


“It’s about building strong habits,” says Ortiz.


“Leadership habits.”


One effective skill Ortiz says he wants to teach people is communication, because people often think communication is simply about expressing their own thoughts.


“Communication goes both ways. It’s about listening too and I want to help people who struggle with that to develop the skills to become effective and active listeners.”


“We’d be much more effective if we all listened a little more,” says Ortiz.


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