Seepeaking – A New, Revolutionary Way for Second Language Learning


Imitation Action Training is the most effective way to learn a foreign language introduced by, a New York-based second-language learning lab. Seepeaking explains that the fastest way to learn a second language is to imitate native speakers, a term they describe as “Imitation Action Training”, or IAT. To learn a second language, you must treat it as a language, not as a school subject. It is difficult to learn a second language by studying or memorizing alone. The initial process of naturally acquiring a language through the IAT method is absolutely necessary.


With IAT, the learner does not proceed with letters, textbooks, grammar, reading, or writing. Instead, the target language is acquired subconsciously, like the way one’s native language is. The learner looks through the actions and words of native speakers and utilizes the power of guessing. Imitations of the sounds are made so that the meanings of the language can be inferred and understood. To learn a second language, the learner will listen to and watch native speakers’ actions thousands of times before naturally learning how to speak.  IAT enables the learners to understand the contents of actual conversation with a variety of native speakers and to train them as much as possible to communicate with them. The grammatical system as well as target language are naturally learned without memorizing words or learning grammar. This phenomenon is evident and is clearly seen when all children have already, at a certain age, absorbed everything they need to know about their language – as well as how to speak- without the need of studying and learning grammar. This acquisition of language also takes place even without the complete understanding of both the language as well as the learning taking place. Seepeaking studies how to effectively acquire a second language continuously and for the long haul. Seepeaking is a revolutionary way of teaching English and brings new meaning to second language learning!  Visit us today at And for kids, check out  Begin your journey to learning a new language today!