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Why Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses Matter

It’s no secret that online and digital marketing services are quickly eclipsing standard print and TV & Radio advertising. That said, terms such as social media marketing, SEO, and online relationship management, are still just incomprehensible buzz words to many businesses. However, the truth is that it’s more important than ever for small businesses especially to embrace digital marketing. After all, the world isn’t just online. Rather more people than ever before now interact with businesses solely via the Internet.

As providers of digital marketing services for small businesses, we help small businesses just like yours expand the reach of your online marketing and advertising. Of course, every business is different. That’s why our digital marketing services always focus on creating and implementing an online marketing strategy unique to your specific business needs.

Social Media  

It’s precisely because so many people now use social media, that digital marketing services like ours are so important. The majority of social media users, after all, don’t just like and comment on the social media pages of businesses they interact with. Rather, many social media users now only interact with businesses after having them personally recommended by other social media users.

How we can help your Business

Our small business digital marketing services work by helping you communicate your business message to an ever larger target audience. Over 1 billion people actively use sites like Facebook every month. This being the case, we will help you establish yourself on places like Facebook, and help you implement an engaging content marketing strategy.

As part of this strategy, we will help you create and syndicate content via social media which is designed to enthuse your target audience and increase interest in your services. Even better, by creating and syndicating genuinely interesting content, your business will acquire social media followers who themselves will share your content. In doing so, you will start to appreciate how social media can be utilized by your business to funnel increased traffic towards your website and sales pages.

However, social media marketing isn’t just about syndicating inspiring and informative content. Rather, many social media users use social media to directly interact with businesses. From raising awareness of poor service experiences to praising and complimenting businesses, such interactions can be both positive and negative. This being the case, we will help you manage such interactions in a way that both builds trust and helps protect your businesses overall reputability.

Lastly, as part of our multi-disciplined approach to digital marketing, we will add social

Media Relations

Every member of our PR team is equipped with all of the skills they need to be able to deliver the very best and most effective media relations campaigns. We know what a good story looks like and can write compelling copy.

In2town Public Relations understand exactly what you want to say, why you want to say it, and to whom you want to speak. We will use this understanding to expertly choose the best newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, or programmes through which to deliver your message. We can help you increase awareness, change perceptions, build credibility and reach your PR goals.

Social Media Marketing

The Internet is a fantastic place to build your brand. With more than three billion people using the Internet, it has become an important medium for businesses of all sizes to increase their brand and promote their products and services. Getting in2town Public Relations to handle your brand exposure is a great place to start.

Just tell us what your objectives are and what you want to achieve when building your brand online. Wanting to boost your Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers is great, but that isn’t the sort of goal we are looking for. Our UK and Spain based social media marketing teams are experts in online public relations.

Amazon Product Marketing

Are you selling your products on Amazon but are seeing your sales drop and want to find a way of increasing them? We know exactly how to help you out.We will get more traffic sent to your product listings and Amazon store page through press releases and a solid social media marketing strategy. Traditional online marketing techniques are just as effective with these listings as with anything else on the internet, so making sure that your marketing strategy is as effective as it possibly can be is just as important as ever.

Ebay Marketing

Marketing your products on eBay effectively can be an enormous boost to your sales. Boring product descriptions that are just copied and pasted from the manufacturer’s website are pretty standard. But making your eBay listing stand out is important.Combining high quality copy in your advert with social media advertising and press releases is the best way to increase your sales. We at In2town are experts in all of these areas and know exactly how to market your eBay store and listings online. We can write compelling copy for your products and show you how how to market your products through social media and press releases.

Book Promotion

Both publishers and independent authors can struggle to market their books to potential readers. With so many people reading eBooks these days the traditional way of marketing books in book shops is becoming less and less important. At In2town Public Relations we know exactly how to market your book online and get readers reading your work.We use innovative publicity and marketing strategies for printed books, eBooks, authors and businesses through TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media, and more to get your books out into the world and to get readers interested in your books.

Crowdfunding Services

Getting funding for your crowd funded idea relies heavily on getting people to visit your page and the awareness that surrounds your idea. The greatest idea in the world won’t make any difference if no one knows about it.We at In2town Public Relations have the expertise and knowledge you need to increase the exposure your crowdfunding page receives. We offer a service of the very highest quality that will save you thousands of dollars compared to hiring other, more expensive consultants.