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A sex offender has given an exclusive interview to In2town Lifestyle Magazine on how his life has changed since being arrested in 2006. Matt Duhamel, also known as The Outspoken Offender, which is the name of his blog has said you should not be defined by your past.

Matt Duhamel, who before his arrest had everything, a great family life and successful professional career has seen his life changed. He explained to In2town Lifestyle Magazine that when he was released from prison, he saw the world in a different light. According to Matt, those on the sex registry still have a place in society. That is why he has launched his blog The Outspoken Offender so he can campaign for changes.

“I launched my blog to provide support and encouragement for people and their families who find themselves on the sex offender registry,” explained Matt Duhamel

The Outspoken Offender blog is a very interesting read even if you agree or disagree with Matt Duhamel’s views. He looks at how sex offenders are treated when looking to find a job, and how landlords turn their backs on them when they discover their criminal record.

Matt who has been very honest with In2town Lifestyle Magazine on his arrest and what life is like as a sex offender explained how the FBI investigated him. Although he knew what he was doing was morally wrong, he said being arrested was a shock.

The Outspoken Offender has said he wants to see a real change with how those on the sex offender’s registry are treated. He also said that the government needs to stop landlords and employers from treating those on the registry differently than other people.

The interview with Matt Duhamel has been described as one of the most honest interviews a person on the sex offender’s registry has ever given. To read the interview, please visit

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