Singer Karen Launches Campaign To Get People To Talk About What They Love About The USA


A new campaign has been launched by singer Karen to find out what people love about the USA. She has written a song called “We Are The United States”, and she wants people to listen to it and comment what they love about the USA.

Karen wants people to visit her YouTube video, and listen to the song, and share what you Love about America!

The campaign has been launched to encourage positive communication about America. So, we decided to see why the campaign is important and why it is needed and what she hopes to succeed.

Here is what she had to say

  1. Karen, you have written and released a new song called We Are The United States, why have you done that? Yes, I wrote and released the song, “We Are The United States”. I wrote it to encourage people to continue to believe that we can make it through any trials that may come our way.


  1. When did you decide to write the song? I really did not decide to write the song. Like many of the songs that come to me, I just write what is on my heart at that time.


  1. Do you believe that the United States has been more divided in the past four years than ever before? I believe that people have always had a diversity of opinions. I choose to focus my thoughts and opinions on what we are United about. One of the things that we are United about is our Love for America.


  1. Now with a new President in place, do you believe that people will talk less about politics and look forward to the future, and remember the things they love about the USA? I believe that people are most interested in the health and safety of their families and having the needs of their families met.


  1. With the troubles of the past four years, people have lost sight of what is great about the USA, would you agree with that comment? I believe that people take a lot of pride in being American citizens and have a long-enduring Love for the USA.


  1. If I asked you to name just one thing that you love about the USA what would you say? The one thing that I love about the USA are the American people.


  1. Your song aims to encourage people to speak out and say what they love about the USA, and with the response you have had on your YouTube channel it seems to have worked. Would you like to see more campaigns like yours take place? Yes.


  1. Tourism before the Pandemic suffered, do you hope with your campaign that it will help to boost tourism? I did not have tourism in mind when I wrote the song however, it could be viewed that way.