Skay-Navarre’s inclusive illustrations breathe new life into traditional LGBT design with new apparel line


Skay-Navarre’s new range of LGBT positive apparel is breaking traditional themes of rainbow coloured symbols with bright graphic illustrations. The printed T-Shirts feature colourful block prints of same-sex and multi-racial couples, along with same-sex parent families celebrating diversity in all its forms.

Created and designed by UK based illustrator, author and entrepreneur Maria Navarre, the simple but impactful designs provide an all-inclusive apparel option for those who often feel underrepresented in society. With a dash of personal flair, the designs are all inspired by real-life people that Navarre has encountered. She places LGBT couples, families and drag queens in everyday situations – walking together, holding hands, embracing a pregnant bump – reminding us all that families come in all shapes and sizes.

While many companies ramp up production of LGBT merchandise throughout the summer months in line with global pride festivals, Skay-Navarre understands that pride is for life, not just for summer. Comfortable design and shape ensure the t-shirts can be worn all year round as a symbol of solidarity with the LGBT community or as a representation of the self and your lived experience.

“For me, inclusive, truthful representation is so important,” says Navarre, “I wanted to harness my love of illustration in a fun way that could have a positive impact on others. I wanted to find a way of creating something meaningful that says to the marginalised, we see you, we hear you, we accept you.”

Popularity for Navarre’s illustrations has grown thanks to a loyal following and a solid social media presence. It has provided the opportunity for her to launch her business Skay-Navarre with the goal of sharing her designs with a broader audience. The line of comfortable, cotton based unisex t-shirts is simply one of the avenues through which she expresses her art.

The apparel forms part of a broader line of homeware and greeting cards also designed by Navarre. Each product is as unique as the individual it represents. The whole line is infused with cheeky humour that celebrates life and difference. From mugs to stickers, there are plenty of options for customers to find the perfect inclusive gift for friends, families or partners. The range also includes graphic t-shirts with lively phrases and more general cute illustrations, meaning that there is something for everyone.

“We want to break the mould of bland, uniform LGBT themed gifts with something new and exciting”, adds Navarre. “We want to continue to innovate and push the bounds of LGBT design for everyone.”

The complete line of products is available at Shipping is available worldwide, and customers are invited to get in touch if they have any questions about the product.


About Maria Navarre


Maria Navarre is an author, illustrator and founder of Skay-Navarre designs. Based in the UK, her goal is to reinvent LGBT design and create innovatively designed inclusive gifts for all.