SkillGaming Joins Forces with Zaddy Inu for the Next Play-to-Earn Crypto


Skill Gaming is thrilled to embark on another exciting journey with the next white-label platform, ZADDY PLAY, for our new partner Zaddy Inu in the ever-growing Play-To-Earn (P2E) gaming industry.

Zaddy Inu (ZADDY) is a unique token pair created to educate communities without financial knowledge on cryptocurrencies and Defi. The unique and rewarding double tokenomics enables users to achieve passive income. In addition, the double reward system enables the Zaddy team to provide real assistance to communities in need through their outreach programs and donations.

When ZADDY PLAY goes live in January/February 2022, gamers will initially be able to fund their account using standard traditional P2E deposit methods such as credit and debit cards, various web-wallets including Neteller, Skrill, Advcash, online banking solutions, plus many other options. The next phase of integration will allow gamers to deposit, purchase upgrades and earn via ZADDY currency as requested by Zaddy’s community and many other partners too.

SkillGaming will help bring a multitude of Zaddy cool characters to life in their branded games inside ZADDY PLAY. There will be 100+ games on launch with new ones added every week. Gamers can choose to play for free and collect XP for bragging points or simply Play, Win and Earn, as our games are all integrated with our unique earn-as-you-play mechanism.

To play and earn, gamers can Challenge the AI, play against other gamers around the world in Duel mode or simply wage a War or join an existing one with up to thousands of gamers in a 24-hour tournament. The gamer with the highest score in a “war” wins the prize pot.

To up the ante of the game, Zaddy Play will be equipped with the world’s first Armoury (an online marketplace) which allows gamers to launch small to large-scale in-game attacks on their opponents. This takes rivalries to the next level. These can be unlocked initially using the traditional fiat cashier and soon in Zaddy’s currency too.

SkillGaming’s Head of Marketing, Karen Yap stated “We are honoured that Zaddy selected us as their official gaming technology partner to build their Gaming Universe. We hope our expertise, experience and platform will be a valuable asset and a revenue generator for the Zaddy team and community. The dynamic synergy between SkillGaming and Zaddy will allow the crypto and gaming industry to further craft its pathway to becoming the next generation of the P2E gaming industry”.



Zaddy’s CEO, Antonio Mitchell, also famously known as ‘I.P. DA MAN’ is of Spanish and African-American descent, a well known rapper who for the past few years has been “in the lab” developing a new sound in Las Vegas, with several successes under his belt. I.P. has travelled the US performing on tours with formally Interscope/Dynasty Records, and worked with notables In The Rap Game such as Lil Flip, KinFolk KiaShine, X1 (brother of famous rapper Sticky Fingers), multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated producers The Audibles, Super Producer PyroDaGod, R&B sensation JR Castro and many more. In late 2020, during the pandemic I.P. landed a distribution deal with “The Orchard/Sony Music” and is currently preparing to launch his own label, Radio Ready Music Group.

Today, he is also now ready to take on the crypto and gaming industries stating how important it is for him to create something with substance that people can relate to, like his music. This is why I.P. and the Zaddy team have personally selected, crafted and developed the Zaddy-branded games hand-in-hand with our games developer.


Zaddy Inu’s Vision

  1. Zaddy Pay: Zaddy aims to pay for everything which is a huge goal for the community. From day-to-day items to all your luxury needs and many more. Details on Zaddy Pay will be released around Q4 of 2022.
  2. Zaddy Charity: Zaddy always gives back to the community through their 2% CHARITY WALLET program. These quarterly charity contributions are huge and mean a lot to the Zaddy Inu team personally and for the communities as well. So each time you play the game in Zaddy Currency, you will feel good knowing that you are giving back while having fun.

Zaddy Inu team said, technology has always been a disadvantage to those in the low-income community whether in urban areas or rural areas. So 2% of the total circulation will go into the charity wallet that will either give directly in cryptocurrency or liquidated currency to charities that help low-income areas get out of the internet desert.

Zaddy believes, through education that encompasses programming, understanding blockchain, design and art, these communities, especially the young adults, will allow them to rise up and express themselves in the digital space as well as physical space.

3. Zaddy Twin Core Zaddynomics: This is very unique and first of its kind. It is automated and built into the contract so there will be no need for staking or using a platform. This is interesting in the crypto space as it gives passive income to the investors.

Zaddy’s CEO, Antonio Mitchell also stated that “Zaddy Inu is not just a project, it’s a lifestyle. We empower everyone to get involved and bring out the Zaddy in you. It is a token made for the people by the people”.

The gaming industry is rapidly growing, now worth more than $152 billion. With the increase in technological innovations, the emerging Play-to-earn model coupled with blockchain and soon Metaverse, the global gaming industry is expected to have a bright future. So come join us in the Zaddy Play Gaming adventure, do not miss out to be a part of this wonderful journey of having fun, making money and giving back to the community at the same time.

ZADDY PLAY gaming will be live to all gamers in January 2022. For a sneak peek, you can check out There are 100+ games for you gamers to choose from and new games are released every week.

An AMA with Zaddy Team will be hosted by SkillGaming on Sunday,12th December 2021 at 6pm GMT. Webinar invitation links will be posted here. It will feature I.P. DA MAN, Crypto Empress, Goliath and members of the SkillGaming team.

The SkillGaming team!


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