Skinatomy Laser Clinic Gives Website a Makeover


January 25, 2021 – Skinatomy Laser Clinic, located in Mississauga and Toronto, is dedicated to making state-of-the-art technology available to their patients to elevate skin care to new heights. So it is with great pleasure Skinatomy announces the launch of their new website, to assist in giving Canadians the ultimate skin care experience.

Skinatomy Laser Clinic uses scientifically advanced laser systems and skin care treatments in conjunction with compassionate, personalized patient care to treat the whole person, not just an ailment or skin concern. Because the way many of their treatments work can be complex, their team has tailored their website to be a wealth of resources for patients to learn more about what their team can do to advance their skin care and overall health and wellness.

The website is organized by the conditions Skinatomy treats as well as which treatments they offer, so existing and potential patients can find answers and information with ease, even if they aren’t sure what questions to ask. The Treatment FAQs cover a variety of treatments and conditions, so patients can learn about which treatments are available, exactly how they’re performed, and how the technology behind them works. Even delicate topics are handled in detail and with professionalism.

The path to beautiful skin is not always an easy one, so Skinatomy Laser Clinic is committed to working with our patients through any difficulties they may have with the services. Healthy skin, acne treatment, pigment or sun damage, laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, anti-aging, skin tightening, and body contouring are all ways their team can help patients achieve their health goals and improve self-confidence. Science elevates our treatment capabilities, and an excellent standard of patient care ensures everyone who comes into Skinatomy Laser Clinic receives top-notch treatment. The website is one more way Skinatomy can achieve that.

The Skinatomy Laser Clinic website contains an extensive video library of procedures to illustrate exactly what clients can expect with a non-surgical treatment. There’s also a blog where all manner of topics related to healthy skin and treatments are available to answer questions our FAQs may not cover, from tips on recovery, costs associated with specific treatments, what to expect for results, and more.

At Skinatomy Laser Clinic, success is not from what is treated but how it gets treated. Dr. Kevin Sliwowicz, our medical director, is certified and has been in practice for more than 20 years to bring our patients a combination of excellent patient care, extensive training, and unmatched knowledge of medical grade cosmetic enhancement lasers and procedures.

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