Small Business Goes from Bankruptcy to Soaring Online Popularity

JoJo’s Car Zone recently transitioned all business operations online and quickly amassed over 100,000 online users.

19 March, 2021 – San Francisco, CA – When the COVID-19 pandemic began, JoJo’s Car Zone, a formerly San Francisco-based US toy retail store, quickly realized that they would need to adapt so that they could continue providing their car models to customers. When their retail store closed due to the pandemic, JoJo’s transitioned their business online, increasing access to their products to people everywhere. This transition has been very well received by longtime customers and has allowed an entirely new universe of people to discover what makes JoJo’s Car Zone so special.

JoJo’s Car Zone sells collectible die-cast toys and model cars that have captured the attention of car lovers and collectors of all ages and on all corners of the internet. Many of JoJo’s Car Zone’s cars have been featured in viral Tik Toks and social media posts, which further increased JoJo’s online presence. In the short time JoJo’s business operations have been online, the store’s website amassed over 100,000 online users.

“In a sink-or-swim moment, we knew that we wanted to keep doing what we love most–sharing our collectibles with people who truly appreciate them,” says a JoJo’s Car Zone spokesperson. “We are proud to report that our online business is doing well, and we look forward to welcoming our existing customers and those just discovering us to our online store.”

To learn more about JoJo’s Car Zone and its shop for collectibles, please click here.

About JoJo’s Car Zone

JoJo’s Car Zone is a US toy retail corporation in San Francisco. Their entire team has worked tirelessly to make sure people everywhere can enjoy the high-quality diecast models at the lowest possible rate.

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