Small Business in the Golden Isles Can Now Launch Their Own TV Channel with Dash Media TV


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Dash Media TV is helping small business owners to set up their TV channels to reach their targeted audience.

Golden Isles, GA, January, 25, 2020 – Dash Media TV, a company that creates and manages television channels on Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, True TV, and Live Streaming is pleased to announce they can now help businesses in the Golden Isle area develop their own TV channel.

The company is helping small and mid-size business owners reach out to their target audience and advertise on popular TV networks for as little as $400. This is a valuable and affordable marketing tool that can help business owners of any size to increase brand, sales, and awareness.

Having a dedicated TV channel is the new marketing tool that is sweeping the USA. It is helping business owners to get their message in front of millions of people around the world, or to a local audience. Instead of spending tens of thousands of pounds on a one-minute commercial, Dash Media TV is offering business owners to have their own TV channel

When asked to explain more on the importance of a business having their own TV channel, a spokesman for Dash Media TV explained: “Advertising on TV stations can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. But, imagine being able to have a channel on TV to over 70 million homes worldwide. Having such a TV channel can have a positive impact on a business and help to increase sales.”

When looking to compete in the marketplace business owners are always looking at ways to be in front of the competition. Having a dedicated TV channel will beat the competition and help build brand awareness while at the same time outselling the competition.

A dedicated TV channel is the perfect marketing solution for all businesses including Real Estate Agents or Investors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, retail outlets, and many more business types. It is not just businesses that are launching their own TV channel thanks to Dash Media TV, musicians and bands are also creating a TV channel that stands out.

A TV Channel Can also help:

  • Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers
  • Independent Film Makers
  • Non-Profits
  • Religious Organisations.

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