Solving Global Supply Chain Issues in 2022 Through AI/ML-Powered Scenario Planning


Innovative new software provides up-to-the-minute decision grade data

Atlanta, GA – December 30, 2021 – We’ve all seen news reports of global supply chain problems. Hundreds of container ships waiting at ports all around the world are one of the nightmare scenarios your company may be facing in the coming year. How to solve it will be your biggest challenge. And if your company isn’t using the most advanced software you won’t have the relevant data you need to keep products moving and clients happy.

Luckily for all of us, Atlanta-based ketteQ has provided the key to supply chain management success. Developed by ketteQ’s team of seasoned industry professionals, this digital management system gives you a 360-degree global overview of your entire network; up-to-the-minute status reports, real-time data, and empowered sales teams.

Here’s how it works:

  • Process optimization via AI/ML-powered software provides accurate data when you need it
  • Data integration and global visibility makes your team and the data they provide reliable
  • Takes your team from crisis to opportunity by providing disruption awareness and immediate resolutions
  • Integrates seamlessly with SalesForce giving your sales team the trustworthy data clients demand

The benefits of a “God’s eye view” are incalculable when it comes to your supply chain. This powerful tool is exactly what’s needed when disruption becomes the norm.

Next year will indeed be challenging for every facet of supply chain management. But by utilizing ketteQ’s futuristic system your global team will have the capabilities needed for smooth sailing in 2022. 

About ketteQ:

ketteQ is dedicated to building a new paradigm for Supply Chain planning and operations. Built by experts in supply chain operations, finance, sales, and marketing, no one understands the business challenges better. Built on Salesforce with strengths in security, scalability, and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems:

For more information about KetteQ: Please contact ketteQ at 470.795.9689,, visit, or connect on LinkedIn.

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