Spotlight on Patek Philippe Nautilus Most Coveted Watch


Patek Philippe Nautilus

For almost 45 years, the Nautilus has been the most desired, watch model. In 1974, Gerald Genta, the same watch designer who designed the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, got the inspiration for the Nautilus when he saw a porthole of Captain Nemo’s submarine that held a rounded octagon shape. After two years of manufacturing and perfecting, in 1976 Patek Philippe decided to release their precious automatic steel sports watch. 

Patek decided to name their model after the submarine, Nautilus. During this time, the watch industry was going through the quartz crisis which forced many watch companies to plummet. Despite the struggle automatic watches were facing, Patek still advertised their watch as “the costliest watch made of steel”. Rather than giving in to the quartz movement, Patek knew their creation’s worth and with this watch alone the quartz crisis began to turn around for their company and luxury watch brands all over. 

Used Patek Philippe Nautilus Models

When looking for a used Patek to purchase, one may notice that their resale value isn’t too far off from their retail prices. Why is this? Well although getting a used Patek does not compare to the feeling of getting a brand new one straight from the retailers, Patek Philippe is still Patek Philippe. To understand the reason why Patek holds such a standard, one must understand the time and work that goes into every single timepiece that leaves the manufacturers. 

While most watch companies rely on machines and technology to fabricate their watches; to this day, Patek Philippe has actual swiss-trained professionals craft and assemble every single one of their timepieces. Some models take up to 9 months to assemble, limiting Patek to produce only around 60,000 timepieces annually. 


Due to their excellent craftsmanship and worldwide exclusivity, even used Patek Philippe Nautilus models hold a vast resale value that not just anyone can afford. Visit Gray and Sons Jewelers in Miami Beach or online to browse through hundreds of pre-owned Patek Philippe watch models for as low as 50% off retail price. 

Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watches

Patek brands themselves as luxury watches people buy and care for the next generation, but sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Lucky for all Patek owners, the resale for Patek Philippe watches is way up there with resale prices for Rolex. 

When one finally decides they want to sell their used Patek, there are a couple of things they must know to receive top dollar for their watch. The first thing the watch owner wants to know is the exact reference, serial, and movement number of their Patek Philippe. 

If one has kept the original box and papers for their watch, this information is found within the warranty documents. If not, one must ask a watchmaker or jewelers to carefully de-case the watch and write down the three numbers found inside. With these three numbers and pictures of the movement, one can order archive papers directly from Patek Philippe if theirs have been misplaced. 

Once one knows their exact watch model and has the paperwork to prove it, they want to do some research to see what other sellers are asking for the same watch. 

With complete knowledge of their timepiece and it’s the current value in the market, one should be able to resell their used Patek Philippe watch at a mutually respectable price. Inquire with Gray and Sons online about the resale of Patek Philippe watches. They have been in the business of buying, selling, trading, and repairing Patek Philippe watches for over forty years. 

Patek Philippe Nautilus Miami

Since their first Nautilus model released in 1976, Patek Philippe has released several versions of this model with new and innovative complications. Two decades after releasing the Nautilus 3700, Patek Philippe decided to introduce their Nautilus with their first-ever annual calendar, reference 5726. This timepiece featured a date, month, day, 24-hour sundial, and a moon phase indicator. 

As indicated by the name, as long as this watch is kept wound, the annual calendar only needs to be adjusted once a year. Patek created their moon phase indicator so well that, as long as the watch continues to run, it only deviates from the lunar cycle once every 122 years. Through the sapphire case back on this watch, the 21k gold rotor is visible and owners can admire the beauty of innovation at its finest. 

Patek Philippe Nautilus Coral Gables

Through the years, Patek Philippe has released several iconic watch models, but none hold the fame or are as coveted as their Nautilus collection. Here are some of the top-ranked Patek Philippe Nautilus models ever released:

Patek Philippe Nautilus 7010R Quartz

• Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1AR Chronograph

• Patek Philippe Nautilus Full Diamond 5719/10G

• Patek Philippe Nautilus Ladies’ 7118/1200A

• Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712R Moon Phase

• Patek Philippe Nautilus Ladies’ 7010/1R

Where to buy pre-owned Patek Philippe Nautilus

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